Argumentative Essay On Gun Shooting

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People died every day from gun violence. Ik- Whan G. Kwon and Daniel W. Baack say “In 2000, almost30,000 persons died from firearm injuries in the United States” (134). How could this large amount of number be reached? In the United Stated, there are lots of gun shooting tragedies. CNN reported that 20 adults and 6 students were killed by gunfire “at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut on December 14.” (Sandy Hook shooting: What happened?). This is just one example of many tragedies happened in the United States. Danny Franklin says “For most Americans, the lesson of Sandy Hook is not ‘guns are dangerous.’ Rather, it is, ‘the world is dangerous and I need to protect myself.’” (6). That shows today’s American gun culture; that is kill before get killed. When it comes to guns in the United States, people in this country think they won independence from Britain with guns and guns are their symbol, and that reason has made the …show more content…
Massacre is an element of fear for the United States civilians. There are many massacres in public today; in general, one is too many. CNN reported that a man massacred 20 adults and 6 students by gunfire at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, in Connecticut on December 14, and then he shot himself too (Sandy Hook shooting: What happened?). This is one example for the use of guns for massacre. Let alone what the motivation were, guns have been used for massacre. In addition, ABC news reported that a man named James Holmes commit mass shooting at the theater in Colorado in July 2012, and a police chief told reporters that the number of victims are for a total of 12 dead, 30 people remained hospitalized, and 11 of them in critical condition (Sandell, Dolak and Curry 4). This incident scared lots of American civilians. For those who massacre, guns are primary tool; thus guns should be more controlled because they are used for

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