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  • Morality Of Hunting

    One of the more controversial topics around the world is if hunting is a good or bad thing for animals as well as the ecosystems. Gary Varner is an environmental philosopher who is on the side in favor of hunting. In fact, Varner’s view is that hunting is required in order to keep an ecosystem in-balance and healthy. Morality and suffering are two of the major factors that are used in Varner’s piece to support his side. There are critics of Varner’s viewpoint, and these will be addressed and responded to throughout the course of the paper. In this paper, I will share why I believe that Varner is right in saying that everyone should be in favor or some type of hunting, and what types of hunting I am for and against. As long as the hunting is…

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  • Importance Of Hunting

    The Importance of Hunting The majority of our society does not understand the importance of the act of hunting. Hunting keeps the wildlife population at equilibrium between their natural lifestyle and our civilization to aid agricultural farmers. The problem is those who oppose hunting do not think it is ethical, and those who hunt more for fun rather than putting food on the table for their families. The truth of the matter is that hunting is a major part of protecting wildlife from…

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  • Hunting Rounds

    From your best friend to expert marksmen, everyone has their own opinion as to which caliber makes the perfect hunting round. However, the reality is that there is no one size fits all when it comes to hunting. Factors like the size of the animal being hunted, the distance the round needs to cover, and the velocity of the round all need to be taken into consideration before deciding which round is perfect for you. With that said, .30 caliber rounds are the most widely used hunting rounds…

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  • Is Hunting Beneficial

    How Is Hunting Beneficial? How does hunting affect the wildlife and the environment? May be the first question people ask when they are first asked about hunting, and some people might not understand how killing animals helps the wildlife and environment. Hunters actually care about the welfare of the environment and wildlife. For the hunter’s to have success in the field of hunting, they must create a suitable habitat for animals to attract wildlife onto their property. Hunter’s pay money…

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  • The Pros Of Hunting

    The Pros of Hunting Hunting is affective in many ways, no matter if its food, injuries, sports entertainment, money, etc. Hunting is also a sport that is often argued to determine whether it is a good or bad thing. The injury rate for hunting is not as high as some think it is. More people get hurt playing basketball and football rather than hunting. You would think it would be easier to get hurt since you are using guns and other weapons and in regular sports use your body. Lin states,…

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  • The Ethics Of Hunting

    topic of which firearm should be used for hunting has been discussed between hunters for many decades. Some of the main arguments have to do with being humane, not randomly shooting, and accidents. If the hunter wounds an animal, they can put the animal out of its misery more quickly. Hunters using a semi-automatic won't “spray and pray” - firing blindly without making an effort to aim correctly and hit their target. Manually operated firearms have been in more hunting accidents than…

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  • Hunting As A Family

    Meals from Nature “Hunting as a family is by no means a new tradition. In fact, it used to be one of several traditional American family values(Staff).” Hunting is a normal, almost expected hobby of individuals from the South. Fathers will bring their sons, daughters, and wives along to a large plot of land and appreciate the beauty of the trees and the woodland creatures they’ve immersed themselves in. Equipped with either a bow or a rifle they wait for a mature, healthy buck to walk out into…

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  • Hunting Narrative

    On a breezy, warmer Saturday in mid-October, birds were singing and the plants swaying. The world felt peaceful and like a great day to go hunting. I had just turned thirteen in August and started getting my camo on. My dad and I decided to go hunting behind our house. I got all of my camo on and grabbed my gun. I loaded my black powder muzzleloader and headed outside to wait for my dad. He came outside and we headed out. We just walked because the woods . I walked behind my dad on the way.…

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  • Hunting Argumentative Essay

    guaranteed that someone you know has struck a deer or even been seriously injured by a collision with one. This plus numerous other reasons states why hunting is needed. Hunting is a necessary process due to the fact that hunting provides jobs, hunting feeds people, hunting keeps the wildlife population at the right level, and…

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  • The Limits And Benefits Of Hunting

    Hunting is a rather controversial issue in the world and the US specifically. The so called environmentalists and animal activists repudiate it while more conservative individuals support and necessitate its importance. One has to understand that hunting is an ancient activity. Historians perceive that hunting was the first economic activity that the first men engaged in to sustain them. As such hunting has an enormous impact on the social and economic aspects on man’s life. However, due to…

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