Importance Of Hunting

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The Importance of Hunting
The majority of our society does not understand the importance of the act of hunting. Hunting keeps the wildlife population at equilibrium between their natural lifestyle and our civilization to aid agricultural farmers. The problem is those who oppose hunting do not think it is ethical, and those who hunt more for fun rather than putting food on the table for their families. The truth of the matter is that hunting is a major part of protecting wildlife from overpopulation, disease, and overgrazing farm land. Though that’s not all, a species could starve to death if the population is not at a steady level. This is because of animals eating up all of the resources in an area. Hunting is a tradition, and hunters are
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Texas Game Wardens help prevent poaching, and hunting/fishing violations, by enforcing laws and regulations to protect and conserve fish and wildlife. These Game Wardens patrol their assigned areas. They warn, cite, and arrest individuals that are suspected of hunting or fishing violations. If necessary the Game Wardens can possess any fish, game, or equipment used in the violation. Game Wardens patrol outdoors at all times throughout the year, even in extreme cold or heat conditions. The areas they patrol may consist of areas such as lakes, mountains, rivers, deserts, and mountainous areas. Game Wardens also have a pretty cool and useful advantage that regular police officers do not have. They can search a home, a boat, and pretty much everything if they suspect somebody holding illegal possession of a item in a crime, or any game fish or animals being hidden from sight. To fish, and animals this is their police, without these hard working individuals doing their work to protect them everyday the poachers and idiotic hunters, and fishermen would take advantage, and kill as they please. Which it is why it is so important to have Game Wardens doing their part, and protecting fish and wildlife everywhere across the United States. ("Fish and Game …show more content…
Not only is it beneficial to the hunters to put meat on the table for their families, hunting is also beneficial to farmers by having their crops protected so they can make a living each year. The animals also benefit as well. Whether it 's about protecting them from disease, or starving to death when there isn 't any food left due to overpopulation. Society needs to take all this into account before they start calling hunters “murders”, or saying they kill “innocent animals”. The truth of the matter is hunting is very necessary. Without hunting, game animals would surely die eventually. Hopefully over time society will learn to accept hunting completely so there will be no more debate. Hunters need to also keep up the good work each year, and always abide by hunting laws, and regulations. Remember this, hunting is not a right, it 's a

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