Hunting Overabundance

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Overabundance and how can it affect the surrounding ecosystem
When discussing hunting and the types of impacts that removal of a population can do to ecosystems it 's important to know why the hunting is necessary to control negative and potentially devastating impacts that are a result of the animals in question. The Science of Overabundance points to a specific issues that surround the reseeding of Eastern Hemlock in the Upper Great Lakes region of the United States. “Hemlock was a dominant or important canopy component in approximately two-thirds of Wisconsin’s northern forest area at the time of European colonization but was reduced by timber harvest and bark extraction to remnant stands covering only .05 percent of the landscape” (McShea,
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This could be in-correlation with America’s unwavering love for guns, but the fact remains that it 's most certainly a part of our culture in America. With this way of life there has come some opportunities that present itself in the way of economic impacts. There have been many organizations that are at the forefront, leading the charge, giving back to the environment that they promote by channeling funds to support proper wildlife conservation. The National Rifle Association, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, and National Shooting Sports Foundation are just some examples of organizations that are channeling membership funds directly back into the environments that they promote. These examples are only a small part of the funding that is directly fed back into each state’s conservation effort. It 's important to know that private entities are not the only revenue generator for funding of conservation efforts. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service says, legislation is in place to allow for federal funding to support 75 percent of state’s run conservation efforts (Federal Aid Division). In this particular case, this funding is supported by The Pittman-Robertson Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Act, which taxes all gun sales in America. It it throught these types of organizations and legislation efforts that are America generates income from hunting and funnels it back into wildlife management. The government and private entities have allowed for hunting to be a self sustaining activity that promotes longevity for

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