Animal Rights Essay: Should Animals Have Rights?

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Animal Rights
Should animals have rights? If so, should these rights be comparable to those given to humans? Animal Rights are rights believed to be owed to animals in order for them to live full lives, free from suffering. Animals are currently being used, and in some cases abused, in medical research, clothing industries, hunting for sport, food, and population control, and countless other services to humans. As is the case with all ethical issues, there are two defined perspectives and supporters of the current and future treatment given and due to animals. This essay’s objective is to present both sides of the issue, allowing the reader to further investigate and form their own ethical stance for or against animal rights.
For many, it is
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Opponents’ views range from not wanting animals used for food at all, to those who desire a more humane way of raising and killing the animals. A quick search on the internet would flood ones monitor with images of animals that look malnourished and deformed and stories of animals forced into filthy and crowded spaces only to eventually be led to a cruel form of death. In the United States, supporters are pursuing animal law to ensure that these animals have adequate living spaces, proper nutrition, and are not tortured to death. Yet still, these conditions can be found …show more content…
As can be seen in the news, most recently with deer, hunting is needed for population control. Deer breed quickly and have been known to double in population during just one year; they can live to be more than ten years old. Deer can also cause damage to gardens and farms, attack humans and other animals, including family pets, and are a danger to those driving. Deer and other hunted animals can carry perilous diseases and ticks that may cause nasty and infectious diseases for humans, such as Lyme disease, causing many to feel that hunting is required to protect the general

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