The Importance Of Ethics In Animal Research

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Ethics is defined as Rules of behavior based on ideas about what is morally good and bad. I believe it is unethical for humans to cause pain to animals unless strictly for consumption or vital purposes. I believe it is morally right for animals to have a certain level of protection against animal cruelty. People argue that animals do not have the autonomy that human beings have and there for should not be provided rights. Such people believe that animals were only placed on Earth strictly for human use, that they cannot be rational or experience emotions, and lack autonomy. However these statements are proven untrue. In fact animals, particularly primates, have extraordinary mental capabilities. For example, apes have most, if not all, emotions …show more content…
It is proven that nine out of ten drugs thought to be a potential solution in animal studies fail when applied to humans in clinical trials. Animal experimentations can hinder and delay discovery, and in general animal studies are designed with many flaws. It is wrong to treat animals as objects for the purpose of scientific research, and to put them through pain and suffering. Although some scientists have good intentions to cause minimal distress to animals and to focus on finding cures, others forget that animals are living, breathing creatures and not objects that they can manipulate uncaringly. Even those scientists who attempt to provide the least amount of suffering fail to realize that it is inevitable when animals are kept in cages, forced to undergo disease and harm. Rather than using animals that do not even have the same outcomes to predict results in humans they should be replaced by more effective …show more content…
It is perfectly acceptable for such individuals to eat meat. Protein is an essential asset to our health. Humans who must kill in order to live and be healthy may do so. However they must only hunt the quantity they need to satisfy their vital interests. Otherwise when you extend the killing or animals to more than you need hunting becomes murder which is morally wrong. Some hunter’s argue that hunting is an essential role in their happiness, and life would be miserable without it. If killing living, breathing innocent creatures provides you with happiness you should rethink life and experience different ways to experience joy. Another argument supporting hunting is that it keeps down the number of overpopulated animals. Hunting is an effective solution however we must keep in mind of what the most humane solution would be. Farmers often kill animals to prevent them from consuming their crops. We must remember that Earth was not made for us alone and we must learn to share our land with other living creatures. Shooting an animal is a last resort, many reasonable and justifiable actions should be considered before resorting to killing, for example barrier protection such as a

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