The Importance Of Killing Animals For Food

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Register to read the introduction… It is only wrong if the hunter is killing the animal as a “just because” reason. It should only be morally acceptable if the hunter is killing the animal for food for survival.

Another debatable topic is over whether killing animals should be against the law. Again, in my eyes, no. As I stated in my early paragraphs, if killing animals were against the law we would be so overly populated that the animals would slowly begin to kill us. We need these animals to die for our own survival.

Do animals feel pain? Once a hunter has eyed his prey and shoots a bullet or arrow into his target, do you think they feel pain? The answer should be yes. The respond as if they do. Once they’ve been hit, they try to run to prevent from getting hit again. It’s their way of responding that they felt something and are startled from it. They also share a “close evolutionary history with humans, in an evolutionary context where a capacity to feel pain enhances survival”
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According to Ted Nugent the answer is yes. He says that “we should stand up and be absolute and unapologetic about not only admitting but celebrating what we do. I’ve celebrated that I kill many things for many meals…for you to eat, something has to die” (Nugent). I love how he puts this. That is exactly right. No matter what you eat something had to die. It could even have been a plant, but Ted is right, because that plant had to die for someone to eat it. He always mentions vegetarians. He says for the people that say they eat tofu “the soy field your tofu came from supported a whole ecosystem of mice and rabbits and hawks and insects. And when they cit it down, they killed every one of those critters”

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