The Importance Of Animals In Factory Farms For Human Consumption

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Should animals be kept in factory farms for human consumption?
In today 's 's society operation in factory farms has become a controversy about animal rights and morality. Animal cruelty is an open problem that is growing in today’s society. One of the biggest debates about animals is should animals be kept in factory farms for human consumption? However, Farms owners support the best methods of raising animals is by producing an efficient and large quantities of meat. On the other hands, defender is against the action of factoring abusing and torturing animals is very cruel and it is not right, animals should have conscious as human do and they deserve to be treated right. However, producing cheap food and having efficient meat to provide
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For example, producing as much as possible to make a huge profit: makes a product that allowed consumer to afford under their budgets, otherwise buying meat and animal product from the local and small farm will result expensive and not acceptable for consumers to purchase daily food. It is a very common thing for human to eat meat and poultry. There is no doubt that meat and poultry provide us the important organic compounds to make amino acid and other nutrients for our body. Food has always played an important role in human everyday lives. Regardless, meat and dairy product it is necessary for human consumption and it is beneficial to us. Indeed, kids and babies need milk to obtain important vitamin and nutrients, it is the primary source of nutrition for infants. On the other hands, factory farming involves raising livestock in populated environments often called concentrated animal feeding operations (Anomaly, 2015). Some of the common practices would be packing pregnant pigs in gestation crates. They can utilize space, time and quantity in a very efficient manner. Not only factory farms manage to provide enough foods in the world, but they operate with a lower cost and bigger scale than farms factory. Therefore, this matter the most for the poor and middle-class consumers. Without the operation of lower cost and …show more content…
They are beaten, neglected, and force to have a difficult time surviving. This cruelty action can be shown as immoral ethic. In today society some people oppose the cruelty of factory farming due to the disgraceful condition of raising animals. For example, statistically more than 8 billion chickens are raised and slaughtered for meat each year in the U.S. The factory, producer has no feeling and sympathy toward them, they even refer chickens as broilers. Moreover, about 360 million hens are raised to lay eggs in the U.S, but most of them spend the rest of their life in cages, the worst part is most of them had so little space to move around as well as being stacked tier upon tier in huge warehouses. Meanwhile, most hens are only good to lay eggs for 2-year period, once the time have reached in the 2- year period, they will be slaughtered immediately in the warehouse. Another common condition is broken bones among chicken, due to over exaggerate antibiotic uses caused chicken to be overweight and their legs can hardly support themselves. Next, the process of killing has become very inhuman. Most chicken is dumped from their crates and hung upside down in shackles, further injuries happened frequently. The following process is to cut down their throat with mechanical blade and leave them to bleed to death. Lastly, they are boiled by high temperature of water to remove the feathers, sometimes a few

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