Organic Farming Vs Factory Farming Essay

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The American Society has become accustomed to fast and inexpensive food. Recently, factory farming has came to existence to quicken the process of creating beef and poultry. In those farms, animals are raised to be butchered. On the factory farms, the animals suffer through cruel living conditions and are fed antibiotic feeds. Whereas animals raised on private, organic farms are raised in a healthy manner and lack chemicals. Organic foods are found to have better flavor than the cheap food. To purchase clean meat is a little more expensive but you are getting better quality, making the cost worth it. Private, individual farms sell their organic meat to some chain restaurants but other than the few, they mainly sell to local businesses. Eating the nourishment they produce is much more safe and healthy as opposed to factory produced foods. A factory farm is a large, industrial operation that raises large numbers of animals for food. Over 99 percent of farm animals in the United States are raised …show more content…
Farms that are not properly maintained can develop salmonella and E. Coli which is passed onto humans through meat, dairy, and eggs. To fight off the bacteria, animals are fed or injected with large amounts of antibiotics. Industrial farms have been adding antibiotics to livestock since 1946. Shortly after, studies began to show that antibiotics were making animals grow faster and gain weight more efficiently. All of which were qualities that were increasing meat producer’s profits. Between 1985 and 2001, the use of antibiotics for farm productions rose fifty percent. Today, they are routinely fed to livestock, poultry, and fish for faster growth and to neutralize the unsanitary conditions in which they are raised in. According to the FDA, approximately eighty percent of all antibiotics used in the United States are fed to industrial animals while the other twenty percent of antibiotics are used as human medical

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