Essay On Antibiotic Resistance

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The health of people and animals are extremely important.”Antibiotic Resistance refers to bacteria that evolve to the point they are not easily killed by antibiotics” (Dorman N.pag.). Antibiotics in livestock are a crucial part of the livestock industry, but with antibiotic resistance in humans occurring more and more often researchers believe that antibiotics in meat are the leading source of this issue. Although, antibiotics has the issue of resistance, there are more positive sides to the issue than some people think. Antibiotics in livestock are a crucial part of the farming industry in many ways. The impact of antibiotics on the economy is crucial because “keeping animals healthy allows farmers to produce food more effectively which has the added benefit of making food more affordable” to the common citizen (Dorman N. Pag). With a massive amount of people eating meat every day in the United States, it is a …show more content…
Pag.). Most meat consumers are knowledgeable about good and bad meants. Sick animals become stressed in most cases. When animals become stressed the lactic acid in the meat hardens and becomes tough. When the meat becomes tough instead of tender, consumers do not like it anymore. Studies have shown that “you are far more likely to die from a dog bite or a lightning strike than from treatment failure related to the use of antibiotics”(Dorman N.Pag.). With that being said, the risks to become affected from antibiotics in meat is very small. The public is concerned about the small issue and not focussing on the big picture. In fact, “none of the urgent threats have any relation to farm animals” (Dorman N.Pag.). With the major concern of antibiotic resistance being pinpointed to farm animals, most do not realize that livestock creates just a fraction of the real problem. The laws that the Food and Drug Administration sets are there for the public safety, some just jump to conclusions about

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