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  • What Is Penicillin?

    Although its discovery was an accident, Penicillin was one of the earliest discovered antibiotic agents. Penicillin was originally noticed in 1896, it was then re-discovered in 1928 by Alexander Fleming ,with the help from two other scientists. The question this odd discovery leaves the world wondering; how was this a accident? It all started one day in September of 1928 when, former bacteriologist Alexander Fleming went on vacation, his laboratory was not very clean or orderly. While away a stray mold spore flew through the open window, and landed on one of Fleming's petri dishes. All the other dishes that were left in the open were all covered in mold. The one dish that quickly stood out to Fleming was the one that was full of bacteria.…

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  • Research Paper On Penicillin

    One of the most well known bacterial diseases is strep throat, which is caused by the streptococcal bacteria. To cure strep, most doctors would prescribe antibiotics. However, without the discovery of penicillin, strep would still be a very dangerous infection. Penicillin is an antibiotic from the mold penicillium notam, and works by indirectly breaking down a bacteria’s cell walls. The drug prevents a protein from repairing holes in the wall, and by osmosis, water rushes in and the bacteria…

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  • Penicillin Research Paper

    Penicillin is a widely used antibiotic, favored for its effectiveness for multiple bacterial infections while keeping human cells healthy and abundance. It wasn’t always this way, penicillin needed an entire lab team to discover how to purify and produce enough to cure infections. First, it needed to be discovered. The man who did that was Dr. Alexander Fleming, a bacteriologist at St. Mary’s hospital. He had returned to his lab to find that his improperly cleaned lab station had the mold…

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  • Penicillin And Its Impact On Microbiology

    College Penicillin and its Impact on Microbiology Penicillin has saved many lives past and current. “Before the discovery and use of penicillin, infectious diseases had been the leading cause of death throughout history. Furthermore, the therapeutic tools available for treating infections were few and of limited use.”(Kardos 2011) Penicillin has been the drug of choice when treating many diseases. Even though there are people allergic to penicillin, and bacterias that have formed…

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  • Penicillin Discovery Essay

    or pure luck. The drug Penicillin is no exception. The step by step process in developing and discovering the medicine will be explained with the help of three sources. Most people don’t know many facts about Penicillin like how it was an accident by the scientist Alexander Fleming and the number of scientists and experiments it took to make the drug successful. Beginning with the discovery of Penicillin, the medicine wasn’t created on purpose it was merely an accident. Scientist…

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  • Penicillin Lab Report

    Results After testing the absorbance of Control and Treatment with Penicillin and Streptomycin cultures over a 160-minute time period, three phenomena for the three different cultures were recorded and made into the graphs below. An upward trend of the absorbance in the Control culture as time progresses can be observed. Compared to the upward sloping absorbance curve of Control Treatment, both absorbance curves of Penicillin Treatment and Streptomycin Treatment have different directions of…

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  • Penicillin G Research Paper

    The molecular structure of penicillin G is C16H18N2O4S. This means that there are 16 carbon molecules, 18 hydrogen molecules, 2 nitrogen molecules, 4 oxygen molecules, and 1 sulfur molecule. Pubchem says, “Penicillin G’s molecule weight is 334.39 g/mol” and also “Penicillin G’s exact mass is 334.39 g/mol.” By having the same molecular weight and exact mass, this shows us that penicillin G contains no isotopes. These molecules bond together to form a compound, which is simply something that is…

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  • World War I: The Discovery Of Penicillin

    between amputating and death. This was the case for many because there was no known medicine that could fight these illness’ or diseases. Until 1928, Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin. This essay will describe the discovery of penicillin, how it came about then it will look at the importance of penicillin at the time of World War II and finally…

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  • How Did Penicillin Change The World

    Penicillin was one of the first antibiotics created and used on the population. Sir Alexander Fleming changed the world of medicine not only in his days but also in present-day society. Penicillin was one of the greatest discoveries of the twentieth century, as antibiotics are one of the highest prescribed drugs in the world today. Penicillin is responsible for preventing the spread of infectious disease, and for improving military medicine. While revolutionizing the study of medicine,…

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  • Boris Chain And Florey: The Creation Of Penicillin

    for their work on creating penicillin, but Norman Heatley, who also helped develop penicillin, did not receive the Nobel Prize for his work. If it were not for Heatley, the other scientists he worked with, and the scientists before him, the creation of the drug we know as penicillin today would not have been created. Penicillin is considered the first antibiotic drug in modern medical history that created a pinnacle turning point in pharmacology; its creation opened the door to many more…

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