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  • The Newgate Calendar Analysis

    The use of isolation and gloomy settings observed through Walton’s expedition, Victor’s laboratory and the cemetery he goes to as well as many others, provoke thrill and mystery that sets the tone of the novel. Furthermore, moral and religious taboos such as Victor’s pursuit in becoming God and greed for power creates disastrous outcomes. Finally, the vengeful motives taken on by the creature and inflicted on Victor introduces tragedy and violent deaths that contribute to making the novel similar to what is seen through gothic-inspired Penny…

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  • Penny Dreadful Film Analysis

    In the cable television series Penny Dreadful there are many unconventional characters drawn together by Sir Malcom Murray who creates this task force in order to rescue his daughter Mina. This group contains one of the main characters Vanessa Ives (Eva Green), the no-so-romantic heroine. The audience is also exposed to the eccentric Dorian Grey who is an outsider to the group. Vanessa and Dorian are drawn to each other because they both desire the unobtainable- themselves. They cannot have each…

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  • Masculinity And Feminity In Dracula By Bram Stoker

    society on the way they should act. Traditionally, masculinity defined as being aggressive and domineering, while feminity defined as nurturing and passive. Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula was set in the late 19th century, when Victorian gender roles were very restricted. However, society behavior and attitudes about woman began to change. The television miniseries Penny Dreadful created by John Logan is a show about other literature characters from…

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  • Examples Of Foreshadowing In The Chaser

    Even in the title of the short story foreshadowing can be found. A chaser is “a drink drunk after another of a different kind”. It is implied that after attaining the love potion sometime in the future the idea of murder will not seem so dreadful and Alan will return to finish his business with the old man. The old man knows the irony of his potions; one cheap for love, the other expensive poison, both undetectable. As Alan leaves with his love potion the old man bids him a "Au revoir" in french…

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  • Princess Diana Persuasive Speech

    taken completely out of context and may have nothing to do with Diana whatsoever. The page design is another technical code that the author has used. The page has been designed with a headline before the article that states, “The duchess’s biography has royal fans reeling” and it also has a small quote from the article that is shown big and in the middle which states, “Diana rang the papers herself and told them where she’d be”. The statement before the article makes the audience believe that…

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  • Copyright In Television Show

    popular culture icon and William’s Dinosaur World series merely faded away. However, we can also see this aspect of copyright law as a positive as it allows ideas to be taken and expressed in new and better ways than before, especially with characters or stories that exist in the public domain. In America all works created before 1923 are public domain as are their characters, these include characters such as Bram Stokers Dracula, all of William Shakespeare’s characters, Frankenstein’s monster,…

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  • Matilda In Jane Austen's The Necklace

    to wear with the dress. It is clear that Matilda craves luxuries, even those she cannot afford. For this reason, Matilda is unappreciative of what she already has. As aforementioned, Matilda was in great distress without a dress, but even after her husband bought her a dress; Matilda was miserable without jewellery to wear along with her new dress. Matilda says, “I should almost not go at all.” To Matilda, having no jewelry to wear along with the dress is a worse fate than attending the ball…

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  • Childhood In Treasure Island

    differs to that of Laurie in Little Women. Jim is a smart, free boy who is very humble and poor. He met Billy Bones in his parents’ inn and learnt of a map of a buried treasure. Treasure Island is not only an adventurous story but also psychological journey from boyhood to adulthood. He turns into an active adventurer and chooses his own fate by being brave and courageous J.s. Battron argues that in Treasure Island, Jim emerges in as a middle class and a heroic civil servant. He is a boy with…

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  • Ultherapy Vs Thermage Case Study

    results can last up to six months time and even more if maintained properly. With the regular touch up after 6 months, you can linger the process as well. Cost of treatment The cost of this process is much lower than its other substitute ways. It can cost you anything between $1000 to $5000 depending on the areas of treatment and length of the process and skin condition, etc. On the contrary, in this process, you have to shell out more money than what you can spend in the Thermage but if you…

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  • What Was The Role Of Industrial Workers During The Industrial Revolution

    During the Industrial Revolution of 19th century Britain, many people suffered the hardships of going from farmers to factory workers. Men, women, and children worked from early in the morning to late at night every day in the mines and in the factories. The ramifications the Industrial Revolution had on the people were dreadful. Men, women, and children worked in harsh conditions for long hours in factories and mines that most of the time weren’t safe to work in. Through the later years of the…

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