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  • Process Essay: Math In Track And Field

    momentum they have to throw the different objects (Marx 3). Math is also used in the measuring process of the different field events (Marx 3). They use math to measure how far the different competitors throw in meters (Marx 3). They also use math in track and field to calculate how far all of the different competitors throw in javelin (Marx 3). The javelin was the throwing of a hunting spear to see how far you could get it (Marx 3). Math was used to calculate how far you threw the javelin and also how accurate it was to their goal (Marx 3). They measure the javelin throw in feet or meters (Marx 3). In track and field there is also the pentathlon which consisted of a five sport event for women that was held over two days (Marx 3). The pentathlon consisted of the 100 meter hurdles, shot put, high jump, long jump, and 200 meter dash (Marx 3). The pentathlon consisted of a lot of math over the short two day span (Marx 3). In track and field there is also the heptathlon which consisted of a seven sport event for women that was held over two days (Marx 3). The heptathlon consisted of the 100 meter hurdles, shot put, high jump, long jump, 200 meter dash, the javelin, and the 800 meter run (Marx 3). There was a lot of math involved in the heptathlon since it lasted two days and there were many different events that all used math somehow (Marx 3). Track and field events consist of a lot of different uses of math (Marx 3). In track and field between timing and measuring more than…

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  • Track And Field History

    to become the dynamic sport it is today. There are now many events in track and field, compared to 776 BC ,where there was only one event in track and field which was the 600 foot long foot race. ( first race took place at the Olympic Festival in Ancient Rome. In track today all running events are in meters, and there are more events than just a foot race. Today events in track and field, and the Olympics, are…

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  • Pentathlon Translations

    4 ANALYSIS OF THE MATERIAL In this chapter I will first use the five different aspects from Peter Low’s Pentathlon Principle to analyze the translations. Thus, firstly I will be analyzing the musical features of the translations; the rhyme, rhythm, naturalness, sense and singability. Lastly, I will analyze the translations according to Johan Franzon’s three aspects of music translation, and I will analyze whether there has been used re-creation, hook-translation or reverent translation in the…

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  • Jackie Joyner-Kersee Research Paper

    activities because she did not want them to end up a young teen parent like she once had been. Growing up in a small town and not having much did not seem to take a toll on Jackie. She found herself through participating in different sports like track and field and basketball. At first Jackie when Jackie began competing in track she lost each race but within a short period of time she was soaring past all of her opponents and coming in first place. Once Jackie got her confidence built up she…

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  • Jesse Owens Accomplishments

    Jesse Owens was a very revolutionary figure. Some of the reasons he was revolutionary was that he won four gold medals at the 1936 Olympic Games, at the 1935 Big Ten Track and Field Championship he broke 3 world records and he tied one world record, and after he was a runner in the olympics he was a motivational speaker. Jesse Owens was one of the most well-known African American athletes in sports history. He also was one of the greatest olympians to ever compete, probably ranking in the top-5.…

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  • Hera Culture

    The Olympic Games first began in 776 B.C. and continued to occur every four years for an estimated one thousand more years. Women were not able to compete in the games for many understandable reasons. Men competed in tough ways that were not beneficial for women. The Hera Games to honor another goddess were available. The culture in the time period is different than the culture is today. The Olympics started in Greece about 3,000 years ago and it is understandable for women not to compete…

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  • The Influence Of Ancient Greek Olympic Games

    When the Greek competed in the Olympics games they did so for honor, religion, and bluster their cities, witch can be clearly reflected form the poems of that time. The Olympics become such a big part of the region that it began to influence Greek society as a whole. What we must look at is what role did the Olympic games play in Greek society. Our modern Olympics are a fair mirror to ancient Greek games when compared to sports and medals, but what we can never match is the affect the games…

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  • Jesse Owens's Influence On Sports And Politics

    The 1936 Olympic Games was a monumental event. The XI Olympiad was at its peak for competing nations. These games were the last major international sporting competition before the deadliest war of the twentieth century. As a battleground to test Aryan Supremacy, Nazi leader Adolf Hitler built the most state of-the-art facilities ever seen at the time. Thousands of people gathered to see some of the best athletes from all around the world compete in Berlin, and taking center stage was the…

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  • The Bone Cage Analysis

    In order to become talented in a specific sport it takes practice, patience, and athleticism but over time it is very possible for an ordinary person to achieve this status. However, in order to become the best in the world, that presents a completely different story. Through the eyes of both Tom “Digger” Stapleton and Sadie Jorgensen in Angie Abdou’s novel The Bone Cage, the reader quickly learns the difference between becoming an athlete and becoming an Olympian. Both of these Olympic hopefuls…

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  • Personal Narrative: Joining The Pentathlon Team

    Joining the Pentathlon Team I felt nervous, my palms were sweaty and my heart was beating out of my chest. It was the day that the school was revealing the students in the 6th grade pentathlon team. I heard the echo of the principal saying the list of 21 students that were accepted and I was on that list. My heart slowed down to a normal pace and I felt like I was on top of the world. For 5 months, the whole team met at the library every day after school, trying to learn everything we could…

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