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  • Non Lethal Weapons By Law Enforcement Case Study

    weapons? 3. What are the causes and effects of non-lethal weapons, in regards to Tasers and pepper spray on a suspect? 4. When a subject is sprayed with pepper spray, can OC cause the death of a suspect from not being able to breathe? 5. What impacts do non-lethal weapons have on society? The use of less-lethal force by law enforcement personnel started in the “1960s during the civil rights and anti-war movements” (Wilson…

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  • Are Nonlethal Weapons Worth It?

    traditional TASER is not able to shot a longer distance with the XREP. “The XREP is essentially a long-range wireless version of the traditional taser, firing plastic shells that each contain sharpened electrodes, a battery, a transmitter, and a microprocessor”(Hager). Now that the TASER is able to shoot farther, law enforcement are now able to stop an existing threat without having to draw deadly force. Some threats may also need to be put down at even longer range though, this is where the…

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  • Benefits Of Chili Powder

    Chili Powder is composed of dried chili peppers, cumin, salt, oregano, and garlic powder. It has been used in food since 7500 B.C. Chili Powder is used for cooking, such as in Chinese, Thai, Indian, Korean, and Tex-Mex recipes. In cooking, it adds flavor, garnishing, and a sharp taste to foods (“Chili Powder”). Chili peppers are used as healing herbs, too (“History of Chili Powder”). Chili Powder can be used to clear nasal congestion, soothe throat infections, and relieve pain during muscle…

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  • Hydrophobic Spray Essay

    Title: Everything About Hydrophobic Spray Description- A hydrophobic spray is mainly used for making a surface water-proof but it needs to be used carefully due to its easily damaging nature. A hydrophobic spray is also called hydrophobic coating and it is basically a nanoscopic layer which repels water. The droplets that hit this spray can rebound in a column shape or like a pancake. This coating is made of different materials which include zinc oxide polystyrene, manganese oxide polystyrene,…

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  • Graffiti: A Short Story

    know you could have been in deep trouble, we understand that you want to protect your friend, you can’t lie about something this serious, someone died!” “Yes sir I understand.” “You are free to go home.” Adam walks to his house, runs up to his room, slams the door, and punches the wall. “Why didn’t I just lie? Why? It’s all my fault Scott would not be dead and Joseph would not be in jail, if I hadn’t suggested to go drinking. Tears came rolling down Adam’s cheeks. A week later, George…

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  • Symbolism In Tangerine

    heart of Tangerine, by the citrus, and his friends. Like when going to a match with his soccer team, the War Eagles, his teammates marvel at the pretty gates and nice neighborhoods, commenting how it was like a movie, Paul is thinking “It was like a movie- like a movie set, anyway- painted on plywood and propped up on two-by-fours” (188). Paul is seeing his neighborhood through eyes that have seen the lies and deception that cling to the walls surrounding it. He can see past the gilded gates…

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  • Ssg Company Case Summary

    Recommendations Phoebe Masters is faced with a decision to introduce a new package design and package size for Dermavescent Laboratories. Inc. The following recommendations are suggested as possible options for Masters. 1. Introduce 5 ½ ounce aerosol container with no test market while producing 5/1/2 tubes. 2. Introduce 10-ounce aerosol container with no test market while producing 10 tubes. 3. Use the suggested test market 4. Continue producing the product in tubes. Recommendation #1…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Eating And Eating

    While mayo is a widely accepted food in our society, it is only acceptable in small amounts. As a condiment, it would be viewed as foul to eat it in large portions. The wafer dipping sticks looked almost identical to a brand of dog treats that we found while shopping. Dog treats are generally not consumed by people. Lastly, we put the blue Gatorade in a plastic spray bottle. Not wanting to specifically put it into a Windex bottle, we took a Windex sticker and just stuck it to the outside of our…

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  • Diet Dr Peppery Ad Analysis

    out with an advertisement for Diet Dr. Pepper. This advertisement shows 5 cupcakes and then a can of Diet Dr. Pepper as the sixth cupcake, and above the row are the words "nothing diet about it." While looking at this advertisement a viewer can view it to mean two different things. One way is the can of Diet Dr. Pepper taste just like a cupcake, so the taste has nothing diet about it. The other and more obvious way, is that the can of Diet Dr. Pepper cannot be something that someone would want…

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  • Personal Narrative Restaurant Analysis

    I had the pleasure of eating at the Rio Mirage restaurant in El Mirage, Arizona a week ago on Saturday, October 3rd 2015. From the outside, the restaurant does not appear to have much to offer. An orange painted stucco building with a couple of plants, and a parking lot in need of some repair. Upon entering the restaurant it has the feel of traditional Mexico which includes, brick lined walls with traditional Mexican artwork and color schemes. A comprehensible view of the Rio Mirage restaurant…

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