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  • Chinese Food History

    our current society. The Sichuan pepper, is called huajiao in Chinese, meaning flower pepper, and the Sichuan cuisine is undisputedly the most popular cuisine known to China to this current date. Through evaluating the big history of Asia as a whole, we are able to appreciate that it is known for its rich culture and exotic foods, including the Sichuan cuisine. However, this would not exist if it did not have the big history that it has gone through. Hongjie Wang’s, “Hot…

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  • Isolate Piperine From Black Pepper Lab Report

    The objective of the present study is to isolate piperine from the black pepper. Our attempt was to extract the piperine with petroleum ether from black pepper and isolation using the same solvent. It is very difficult to extract and isolate the piperine using a non-polar solvent like petroleum ether due to solubility. During our study, we observe that piperine have a very little solubility in the petroleum ether, at the same time the solubility of the resinous material in petroleum ether is…

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  • Benefits Of Chili Powder

    Chili Powder is composed of dried chili peppers, cumin, salt, oregano, and garlic powder. It has been used in food since 7500 B.C. Chili Powder is used for cooking, such as in Chinese, Thai, Indian, Korean, and Tex-Mex recipes. In cooking, it adds flavor, garnishing, and a sharp taste to foods (“Chili Powder”). Chili peppers are used as healing herbs, too (“History of Chili Powder”). Chili Powder can be used to clear nasal congestion, soothe throat infections, and relieve pain during muscle…

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  • Huy Fong Foods Case Study

    Geographic Representation: Huy Fong Foods Sriracha sauce is available in United States, Canada, and in Europe (Ferdman, 2013). Promotion: Everything is done by word of mouth. David Tran has never spent a cent on advertising or promotion of his product (Hammond, 2013). This is because there is such a demand for his product he can barely keep up (Ferdman, 2013). Pricing Method/Strategy: Even though he could charge a lot more for his product due to its popularity, David Tran goal was to make a…

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  • Comparison Essay: Chicken Soup With Curry And Squash

    squash (peeled and diced into large chunks) 2 tablespoons tomato paste 4 cups of chicken stock 1 tablespoon thyme (minced) 1 tablespoon garlic (grated) 2 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce 1 can of tomato (diced) 1/2 pound sweet potato (peeled and diced into large chunks) Black pepper (freshly ground) 1 can of coconut milk Cooked chicken meat 2 tablespoons red wine vinegar 1/3 cup unsalted butter 1/2 cup cilantro (roughly chopped) 6 green onions (thinly sliced) 1/2 cup coarsely toasted almonds…

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  • Dr Pepper Case Study Answers

    Julia Conlan Dr. Pepper Case Study 9/24/15 1. Explain management’s vision for DPS and its associated strategies. What has the company done to implement those strategies? Management’s vision for DPS was to establish themselves as leader brand among other nonalcoholic beverage brands. In order to become a leader in the nonalcoholic beverage industry, DPS management came up with strategies that included improving their operating efficiency, strengthen their distribution channels, focusing on…

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  • Diet Dr Peppery Ad Analysis

    out with an advertisement for Diet Dr. Pepper. This advertisement shows 5 cupcakes and then a can of Diet Dr. Pepper as the sixth cupcake, and above the row are the words "nothing diet about it." While looking at this advertisement a viewer can view it to mean two different things. One way is the can of Diet Dr. Pepper taste just like a cupcake, so the taste has nothing diet about it. The other and more obvious way, is that the can of Diet Dr. Pepper cannot be something that someone would want…

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  • Personal Narrative Restaurant Analysis

    I had the pleasure of eating at the Rio Mirage restaurant in El Mirage, Arizona a week ago on Saturday, October 3rd 2015. From the outside, the restaurant does not appear to have much to offer. An orange painted stucco building with a couple of plants, and a parking lot in need of some repair. Upon entering the restaurant it has the feel of traditional Mexico which includes, brick lined walls with traditional Mexican artwork and color schemes. A comprehensible view of the Rio Mirage restaurant…

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  • Like Water For Chocolate Analysis

    From the start, Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquivel, is driven by food. The plot of each story is characterized and based upon the recipe of each specific chapter. Esquivel often combines magic realism with the traditional mexican dishes to twist the plot and reveal her themes throughout the story. The main character Tita is passionate about cooking and in turn, her own emotions often boil over into the food itself. This causes the food to take on magic realistic properties and effects…

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  • Non Lethal Weapons By Law Enforcement Case Study

    Non-lethal weapons and why law enforcement needs non-lethal weapons? 3. What are the causes and effects of non-lethal weapons, in regards to Tasers and pepper spray on a suspect? 4. When a subject is sprayed with pepper spray, can OC cause the death of a suspect from not being able to breathe? 5. What impacts do non-lethal weapons have on society? The use of less-lethal force by law enforcement personnel started in the “1960s during the civil rights and anti-war movements” (Wilson…

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