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  • Tetley Tea Case Study

    led the Indian tea market because of its unmatched insight into tea and the needs of the Indian consumer. Today, this tea insight is being harnessed through an aggressive innovation programmed led by a team from the innovation centre at the Hindustan Lever Research Center (HLRC), based in Bangalore. This insight led Brooke Bond to pioneer most innovations in the Indian tea market like CTC tea, soft packs, the CEKA carton, Paisa packets, Tea bags and pet jars. Goodricke Tea The Goodricke Group is the leading producer of Darjeeling tea and the third largest tea producer in the country. The company owns 17 gardens spread over 9500 hectares. Goodricke has built up a strong equity in the tea business with its…

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  • Short Story: 'Strings Of Happiness' By Nishant Naking Shrestha

    unique white printings, a denim-blue jeans and a dirty black leather shoes- ruffled hair and no destination to reach, he wandered into a narrow café with thin Japanese paper…

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  • Essay On Gunpowder

    road including gunpowder,silk,and tea ,that we still use today. Did you know Gunpowder was discovered in the 900’s while trying to find medicine for a cure.Gunpowder is a black substance like mineral .It is highly flammable. It was invented in the 9th. gunpowder is usually used with explosives and firework today.But it originally was first used to scare people away until they realized it is flammable so they used it in fireworks,weapons ,and more.They originally tried to find a potion…

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  • Sage Rinses Research Paper

    The great thing about using herbs to darken your hair color is that in addition to darker hair you also get then benefit of having healthy hair and scalp. There is a downside however, very little instant gratification. The change in hair color brought about by herbs is subtle and the herbs must be used consistently over time in order for the changes to become really noticeable. Sage, black tea and rosemary are some of the herbs that can darken grays with consistent use and also provide other…

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  • Shen Nung Tea History

    well as one of the healthiest, tea, was discovered in 2737 b.c. by a Great Chinese Emperor, creative scientist and skillful ruler. Legend has it that Emperor Shen Nung was drinking recently boiled water, when a few leaves from a nearby tree were blown into his bowl. The Emperor took a sip of the brew and was pleasantly surprised at the refreshing and energizing drink. Thus tea was created. In the early stages of tea, tea was used for medical purposes. Shen Nung discovered that tea leaves can…

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  • Green Tea Research Paper

    website, Funk (2016) claims that green tea can play a huge role in cancer prevention and depleting the rate at which numerous cancers spread such as: colon, liver, breast and prostate cancer. This would be one of the numerous health benefits that are provided green tea. This paper’s purpose is to explore ways of preventing or slowing down the spread of cancer, specifically looking at the effect of green tea on the human body…

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  • The Coffee Party: A Comparative Analysis

    even then didn 't take an amazing liking to coffee. As I 've traveled though, and noting that I am still a huge fan of premium tea, I 've gained a certain appreciation for coffee. Here 's the top 3 'non commercial ' coffee places near where I live. The first I have to mention is Cafe Vero in Lake George NY. There are very few places that stay open year round in Lake George (Even most of the 3000 pizza places shut down). As far as I can tell Cafe Vero is the ONLY one open year round. Aside from…

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  • Oolong Tea Case Study

    Tea has been a long time traveler, conquering the world one county at a time, and is known for being one of the healthiest beverages. For over 700 years people have started, as well as ended their day with a nice hot cup of tea; reaping the benefits of its herbal medicinal properties. Did you know that during the time of the Han Dynasty in China, between 202 BC and 220 AD, tea was extremely hard to come by and was only able to be drank by the rich and people from Royal families? It wasn’t until…

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  • SWOT Analysis Of Suva Fiji

    TARGET AND MARKET SEGMENTATION (SAMUEL CHASE) MARKET DESCRIPTION Suva Fiji is a popular tourism destination and home to about 75,000 residents. “Over the years, the number of tourists visiting Fiji has shown a steady increase, with figures for 2010 up by 15%” (Collins, n.d.). With a steady increase of tourism and population growth, the “total income [brought in by tourists] is reported [to be] $1.2 billion[which] indicated an average [amount spent] of close to $2000 per person” (Lopez, n.d.). …

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  • Hot Tea Essay

    Hot Tea has become a popular beverage all over the world for many years. I am sure most of my friends here are familiar with it. India from where I immigrated to USA, this beverage is called CHA and CHAI. In Hindi language: मसाला चाय, literally means “Mixed-spice tea.” The term “Indian Masala Chai” have gained worldwide recognition and popularity. This beverage People drink all the time for any reason. Among Indian Business communities Masala Chai is commonly consumed during business hours. It…

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