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  • Hair Story

    Hair-Story Like most African American I was forced to come to terms with the reality and the importance of hair. I remember the first time my mother hot combed my hair. “Hold still girl”, she said as she ran the hot comb through my thick hair. After my mother pressed my hair, I noticed a dramatic difference in texture of my hair, it was long and shiny like the girls in the magazines or on television. Thanks to Madam C J Walker my hair looked beautiful and straight. Although many African American women have reasons for straightening their hair, my reason is that I just find it easier…

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  • Hair Extensions

    Set7: buy hair extensions online buy hair extensions uk Online market has really made your task of buy anything simpler. You can easily shop online and can get the desired thing at your doorstep. At present the online market has become so vast that you can buy anything from a small pin to a huge car. Ladies love to shop anything they like at the time of surfing. Hair extensions are very much in demand by the ladies because they add an extra grace to their looks. Their hair look more beautiful…

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  • Human Hair Vs Animal Hair

    Differences between Human Hairs and Animal Hairs Once determining that the fibrous evidence is a hair, our next step is on how to distinguish the feature differences between a human hair and an animal hair as shown in Table 8 (Sapp, 2004). (33 words) Animal Hair Coronal Spinous Human Hair Imbricate Table 8. Feature Differences between Human…

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  • Ebony Hair

    comb to straighten their kinky hair with excessive heat or lye to chemically straighten it. Women wore their hair straight because it emulated the hair of white women and was considered the only acceptable way to wear their hair. It wasn’t until the 1960s women began embracing their natural curl again, at that time most natural women wore afros. Alas, the natural hair movement died down again and women chemically straightened their hair up until the mid-2000s. Around 2010, women revisited…

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  • Hair Removal

    and impractical such as women shaving all their unwanted hair, where men are encouraged to not shave theirs. Everywhere a woman looks there is a reminder or advertisement for hair removal and all the different options for it. The United States has only had a few occasions when women speak out against not shaving. Hair removal is a vital contributor for women to be seen as beautiful. Today’s society has an unrealistic expectation for all women to shave everything in order to be desirable and fit…

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  • Brazilian Hair

    Most of the people fond of brazilian hair to have Brazilian hair is the natural human hair loved by lots of people. It’s important specialty is that this hair does not go via any chemical processing and its silky, light in texture and lustrous making this as the most famous among all hair extension on the market today. A glossy natural look allows this Brazilian hair look good on all types of head. People can choose color that matches to their color or according to their preference. The main…

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  • Hair Classification

    I love doing hair so when I was trying to figure out what to pick I finally picked hair. Hair is a very broad category. There’s coloring, cutting, styling and more. I mainly focused on coloring and different way to style hair. Coloring your hair or someone else's can be a challenge and frustrating if you mess up or it doesn’t turn out how you thought it would. But it’s also really fun and exciting. I’ve never actually colored my own hair before. Unless you count attempting to remove the…

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  • Straighten Hair Strengths

    1. BEAUTY TREND OF THE SEASON: SLEEK AND STRAIGHT HAIR OR ATTRACTIVE CURLS Women have fickle and contradictory nature. For example, straight hair owners wish they had been born with cute curls, and owners of the curls would sell their souls for thick and perfectly straight hair. For many years the first type was able to achieve the desired result as easily as get rid of it. Nowadays, thanks to LIONESSE BEST HAIR STRAIGHTENERS owners of the curls may also fulfill their dream. PURPOSE OF HAIR…

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  • Laser Hair Removal

    Hair removal has always been an issue with many. Many people have problems with the hair coming back very fast and growing back even thicker. However, there is a solution to this problem! Gentle Laser Hair Removal Treatment Rockwall TX has the solution to hair problems. Gentle is a type of laser hair removal for all types of skin. This type of laser hair removal works fast, is almost painless and the results are long lasting. Treatment for hair removal is available for all of your body. Before…

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  • Moisturising Hair Retention

    Moisturising and retaining hair moisture Most people are usually surprised that my hair feels “soft” to the touch. I suppose the expectation is that it will be dry or “skirpoto” as people usually refer to natural hair. My hair is soft, because it is well moisturised – moisture retention is key to growing and managing African hair. However, this was not always the case, I struggled to keep my hair moisturised, in the beginning. I have 4c high porosity so my hair losses moisture easily and it…

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