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  • Hair Straightening

    do the hair straightening without going to a hair salon. You will be able to find lot of hair straightening tips on the internet. In Youtube you will be able to watch a demo. If you spend bit of time to read the hair straightening tips and wath some videos on Youtube then you can starighten your hair at the comfort of your home. No need tp pay to the expensive hair stylist. You just need to buy the some few tools and you are ready to go. I have discovered hair straightening tips that you can try in the house although some are just asking you to head to the beauty salon then get it straightened out by a hair expert. Nevertheless, most of the people end up heading to the hair and facial salon because they think that a lot of hair straightening…

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  • Essay On Good Hair

    room with my brother and sister watching the documentary, Good Hair, with Chris Rock. Ironically this was just after I had gotten my last relaxer, a creamy product that chemically processes hair to make it permanently straight, which left me with a burn on my head. I was in Virginia to visit my dad’s side of the family. My siblings and I stayed with my sister and she insisted that she was going to take us to the hair salon to get a relaxer. I was worried, I did not want a relaxer I was growing…

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  • Analysis Of In The Kitchen By Henry Louis Gates

    “In the kitchen” is a short story of the author Henry Louis Gates, Jr.’s experience with understanding the significance of “the kitchen”, his family, history, the notion of good and or bad hair and the background on African American products. The understanding of the experience allows him to clearly describe the importance on why he thinks and functions a certain way. Henry expresses two sides of “the kitchen” and “In the kitchen”. “In the kitchen” highlights his mother’s hair at-home business,…

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  • Black Hair Feminist Analysis

    The Politics of Black Hair: A Feminist Analysis of the Construction the Black Female Identity The general consensus amongst most feminist scholars is that beauty standards have not changed much since the 1800s—the construction of female beauty still features a young white woman with large breasts, a small waist, light eyes, and long flowing hair. The act of policing the alteration of Black hair has become one of the most significant ways in which Black people engage in respectability politics.…

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  • Describe How To Straighten Your Hair Essay

    people do not know how to properly straighten their hair. Their hair either always gets damaged or comes out frizzy. Also, a lot of people know how to straighten their hair but they are using the wrong methods which eventually damage to your hair. Straightening your hair is easy as long as you know what to get for hair, how to straighten your hair correctly, and how to take care of your hair once you are done straightening your hair. First, you need to know what you will need to get started. You…

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  • A Raisin In The Sun: A Character Analysis

    She says that “the only people in the world who are more snobbish than rich white people are rich colored people” (50). Because George and his family are the epitome of assimilation, this shows that Beneatha is not particularly fond of those who have fully left behind their African identity. Later that day, George arrives to take Beneatha out on a date. When he arrives, she is dressed in her new robes, dancing to African music. Upon seeing Beneatha in her traditional clothing, George remarks on…

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  • Straighten Hair Strengths

    1. BEAUTY TREND OF THE SEASON: SLEEK AND STRAIGHT HAIR OR ATTRACTIVE CURLS Women have fickle and contradictory nature. For example, straight hair owners wish they had been born with cute curls, and owners of the curls would sell their souls for thick and perfectly straight hair. For many years the first type was able to achieve the desired result as easily as get rid of it. Nowadays, thanks to LIONESSE BEST HAIR STRAIGHTENERS owners of the curls may also fulfill their dream. PURPOSE OF HAIR…

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  • Afrocentric Attractiveness

    their unique attractiveness aesthetically. In the United States, Afrocentric attractiveness standard has been picture – perfect. African American women have fashion with their own aesthetics and grow the very features that distinguished them from others. However, hair consistency is one and only, of the continuing obstacles on this journey to prompt an aesthetic that exemplifies all color, shape, size, and consistency. It is a topic apprehensive with government and passionate effects.…

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  • Thick Hair Narrative

    Cocoa colored, kinky haired, and thick lipped: I was never fully portrayed as beautiful. If you had the dark skin tone, your hair had to be straight. If you had the kinky hair, your skin had to be lighter, for it to be beautiful. If you had the thick lips, they were either fake or you were a white model. If you had any of these qualities alone you qualified as beautiful, but if they were all together you were runner-up. Until I was in about in 4th grade I was never fully aware of this. As…

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  • Research Paper On Cosmetology

    Cosmetology, the study and application of beauty. A cosmetologist is a person who helps their clients to acquire a certain look that can change their exterior self-image. Cosmetologists are experts in all things beauty. These beauty specialists are well known for their hair and makeup artistry, and are also skilled in improving the health and beauty of skin and nails. Cosmetology is the broadest and most encompassing of all salon professionals, as it involves working with makeup, skin, hair, and…

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