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  • An Analysis Of Poem The Thought Fox, By Ted Hughes

    The poem “The Thought-Fox” is written by Ted Hughes’ in 1957. The poem exists out of descriptive and figurative language; this language is used to emphasize the intrinsic and complex relationship between a poet and the poet literary creations. The poem is a six-stanza poem that is all quatrains, with one or two full end rhymes. The poet carefully used different punctuation and enjambment to the rhythms of the fox as it moves onto the page come through. The poem deals with 6 stanzas and 4 completed lines. Each stanza deals with 4 incomplete lines and the poet uses the present tense in this poem because it is a recent event that happened. The metaphors are clearly noticeable during the poem because, if I have understood correctly the poem,…

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  • Fallacy In Frankenstein

    evil larger than even the doctor could have predicted.      The monster himself, like Dr. Frankenstein, is an unbalanced being. He cannot keep his intellect in line with his emotions. The monster, outcast from society, seeks vengeance. "If I cannot inspire love, I will cause fear," says the monster to his creator. The monster then promises to work on the destruction of Dr. Frankenstein. In the case, his emotions cloud what is rational. He should not try to…

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  • Theme Of Ambiguity In Beowulf

    absence of subordinating conjunctions makes things simple, concise and unfeeling? In his reception speech back in Geatland, Beowulf says: So ought a kinsman always act, never weave nets of evil in secret, prepare the death of close companions (2166-69) The clauses can be complementary or contrastive. In some cases there is great…

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  • I Heard A Fly Buzz When I Died, By Emily Dickinson

    wonder in awe, but rather smooth and flat, and is just like every other aspect of one’s life. The dashes in Dickinson’s poem also serve a purpose in the poem’s overall meaning and theme. “Assignable - and then.../ a Fly -” (11-12). The amount of dashes in Dickinson’s work gradually increases over the progression of the poem. This can signify that the speaker is nearing death and her ability to think is slowly deteriorating. Without the ability to think, everything seems to become more mundane…

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  • Female Infanticide Adrienne Su Analysis

    In Adrienne Su’s “Female Infanticide: a Guide for Mothers” and Anne Sexton’s “Her Kind”, the two poems present a feminist theme to the reader; the works both show that women should be celebrated instead of condemned. One tactic that Sexton and Su commonly utilise in their works is the use of sound in order to emphasize the themes of their respective works, however they each do so in distinctive manners. Su and Sexton utilise different approaches to sound; Su focuses on the natural music of the…

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  • The Exaggeration Of Humor In The Poetry Of Ogden Nash

    by the first two lines and the simple and cutesy congruous end rhymes, Nash reveals a desire in humans to be left alone rather than to actually learn. If the style and form of the poet-fool is the mask behind which Nash operates, then the content and underlying meaning is the face; a face that simultaneously mocks American life yet is a willing participant of it. Since Nash’s style has remained largely unchanged throughout his career, imitating his various poetic techniques was not particularly…

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  • Symbolism In Annabel Lee

    fall ill and die. The last half of the poem describes the endurance of their love. What makes this poem so compelling is Edgar’s marvelous use of imagery and symbolism, rhythm, repetition, and rhyme. Annabel Lee features incredibly rich imagery and symbolism throughout the poem. The imagery, with the assistance of the rhythm, causes the poem to come alive. While the words Poe…

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  • Human Spirit In The Falling Leaves And Come On, Come Back

    In the first half, Cole sets up gentle contrasts between the rider and the leaves, then the leaves and the snowflakes. In the second half of the poem, it has more anger and aggression, with contrast between the poet and the dying soldiers and the soldiers and the snowflakes. The poem also follows a strict rhyme scheme with the rhymes in groups of three: lines one and four, lines two and five and lines three and six. The form and structure of this poem is free structure which means it has no…

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  • Wilfred Owen Poem Analysis

    If we think about the character being described we can tell that he is not healthy as we link people having a good skin colour, to people being fit and healthy. Because of the fact that this man doesn’t have good colour and colour, in this case, is a metaphor for blood we know that he has lost his colour due to the fact that he lost a lot of blood and therefore has not just bled out his colour, but also has bled out his life This brings us to the third line in the quotation. It doesn’t…

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  • Brother Jonathan's Lament For Sister Caroline Analysis

    Brother Jonathan 's Lament for Sister Caroline (Poem) In the first stanza, it can be observed that “pride” in first line rhymes with “side” in the second line, and “glow” in the third line rhymes with “foe” in the fourth line. In addition, there are many examples of alliteration observed. “Passion” and “pride” in the first line, “stormy” and “sister” in the second line, “from” and “firmament” in the third line, and “face” and “foe” in the last line are all examples of alliteration in the first…

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