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  • True Alpha Essay Examples

    but I am against having these insecure, violent alpha males run our society. To understand why, let’s look at one more primate: baboons. In Robert Sapolsky’s book, A Primate’s Memoir: A Neuroscientist’s Unconventional Life Among the Baboons, it describes a typical alpha male dominated society (lots of stress, specifically high levels of glucocorticoids, and violence for everyone, even, eventually, for the alpha male). But something very odd happened to the troop he was observing. Some poachers left rotten meat at their abandoned campsite. The most dominate males ate it all (unwilling to share it with the betas) and died. What happened next shocked the scientist, the troop became a peaceful one that thrived in their environment. The beta males worked with the females instead of trying to dominate other males. Instead of fighting they spent more time peacefully grooming each other. Furthermore, whenever a wandering male baboon with an alpha mentality joined the group, he quickly learned his bullying behavior wouldn’t be tolerated. And, eventually, he would become a contributing, cooperative member of that society. (I find it interesting that touch deprivation is linked to violence in humans. It seems like it is the same with our ancestors.) Update: Found the PBS special talking exactly about what I mentioned above. Check out the video. If baboons can change, then certainly humans can too. This means the asshole alpha male is, ultimately, a product of culture not…

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  • Primates Social Behavior

    In male Guinea baboons, males form strong bonds regardless of whether they are related or not, and group themselves together with their particular females (as they follow a polygynous social structure). By using theoretical models of evolution, it has been determined that geographical clustering of individuals within a species is selected for. These bonds are believed to be important in fending off challengers for mates, as this carries an advantage in enabling as high a proportion of the males…

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  • Shanghai Research Paper

    Opposite the temple entrance you’ll see the Longhua Pagoda rising seven stories at 44 m high. It was originally built in 977 AD. Shanghai Zoo is a large-scale state-level zoo. It is located on the western outskirts of Shanghai. The zoo exhibits over 6,000 animals among them 600 rare animals. Among the animals from China are giant pandas, golden monkeys, South China tigers, Manchurian tigers, Yangtze alligators and elks. There are also animals from other parts of the world like giraffes,…

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  • Importance Of Primate Taxonomy

    added two extra items to this list (see figure 1). Page 8 of 21 Primate Taxonomy Figure 9. Napier and Napier’s definition of a primate. Napier and Napier’s Definition Le Gros Clark’s definition plus: 10. Prolongation of postnatal life periods. 11. Progressive development of truncal uprightness leading to a facultative bipedalism. Prolongation of postnatal life periods Primates as a group tend to have long periods of postnatal care. Offspring remain dependent on their parents for long…

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