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  • Process Essay: How To Care For A Horse

    If you ever want to lead your horse(s), you need a halter and a lead rope. A halter is a head brace for a horse that allows for safer leading and comfort for the horse. The lead rope is a piece of rope with a metal clip attached, almost like a leash. If you ever want to ride your horse(s), one must acquire a horse blanket, saddle, and a bridle with reins. A saddle blanket allows for comfort for the horse, and the saddle makes for a safer, easier riding experience. The bridle and reins are for control of the horse. They allow the rider to control which direction to travel. However, before riding your horse, one must take the time to nurture their horse(s). The first step is bathing the horse. A bucket filled with lukewarm water and a wash cloth is how. After, washing the dirt off your horse, take a garden hose…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Legend Of Caramel

    “You can get off now Callie” I slid off and Caramel jumped a little bit. Caramel Is a big scaredy cat, She hates new things and things she has seen at the barn one hundred times before. I walked caramel back to her stall to un-tack her. She goes straight to her food bowl like always. I took off her bridal and I heard the clinking of metal on her teeth as I took the bit out of her mouth. It felt slimy but I did not hold on to it for long. I slid her halter on to her head and walked her to the…

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  • Personal Narrative: Sparkle

    when I looked up at my horse was still standing there just looking at me. I am pretty sure she was wondering why I was on the ground. I stood up just hoping I wouldn’t pass out again. I unhooked the lead rope with my left hand and started walking to my truck. By now I was pretty sure I had dislocated my shoulder. The numb feeling was wearing off and I could feel the pain in my shoulder. I knew I had to get home and I just kept reminding myself to stay focused. I climbed into my truck and drove…

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  • Bibi Halter Summary

    Through the portrayal of a hysterical character, apart from highlighting the atrocious attitude of Indian society, Lahiri seems to emphasize the role of sex in the healing of physical deformity and mental retardation. Bibi Halter is a protagonist of the story who suffered from a baffling desease. Although a long period of period of suffering, humiliation and indifferent attitude of the relatives has emanciated a Bibi Halter physically and mentally, the fire of sexuality burns as intensely in her…

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  • Miles Halter Character Analysis

    Miles Halter is an average junior who doesn’t have many friends, however he is fairly intelligent and does well in school. He decided to switch schools and his parents insist on throwing a going away party. He knew that no one would come, not even the drama people and English geeks that he eats lunch with. The only people that show up are a couple that seemed to come out of pity. He is an only child that lives with his parents in Florida before transferring to the Culver Creek boarding school in…

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  • Sexual Dysfunction: The Importance Of Sexuality As A Nurses

    important to recognize that “patients may cue the nurse into the presence of sexual concerns without explicitly verbalizing them (Halter, 2014, p. 385). Therefore, the nurse must be very…

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  • Process Essay On Horse Training

    There are as many different styles and training methods as there are professional horse trainers, and the horse training books that are available are to numerous to mention. However, there is some agreement on the basic methods on how to train a horse, and caring for the horse hoof problems that will face anyone who's responsible for the animal. Do you have a foal that will need to be trained for riding? If you are looking for basic information on ways to train a horse after they have been…

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  • Analysis Of Anorexia Nervosa

    348). The initial treatment for a patient with anorexia nervosa should be centered on imbalanced nutrition: less than body requirements (Halter & Varcarolis, 2014, p. 347). Interventions for this diagnosis are focused on restoring nutritional balance. Some nursing interventions are: feeding, nutrition management, nutrition therapy, and weight gain assistance (Ackley & Ladwig, 2014, p. 559). Patient education focuses on making changes that improve nutrition. Teaching should include…

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  • Major Depressive Disorder Case Studies

    According to Halter (2013), Major depressive disorder is characterized by a depressed mood that lasts longer than two weeks (p. 250). The main clinical manifestations of the disorder are anhedonia, fatigue, problems sleeping, appetite changes, feelings of hopelessness and worthlessness, thoughts of suicide or death, inability to concentrate, and changes in physical activity (Halter, 2013). Patients need to have at least five of the eight symptoms listed above in order to be diagnosed (Halter,…

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  • Mrs. Sharon Case Study In Nursing

    husband states, “Her last hyper manic episode was earlier this year [July 2014], while planning another charity event, in addition to having two other untreated, hyper manic episodes earlier in the year.” Her husband characterized her last episode as the patient having increased energy with decreased to little need for sleep, flight of ideas, increased productivity, and impulsiveness. The husband states, “This is why I told her she could not spend anymore money on this event, as she has…

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