Personal Narrative Essay: The Legend Of Caramel

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“You can get off now Callie” I slid off and Caramel jumped a little bit. Caramel Is a big scaredy cat, She hates new things and things she has seen at the barn one hundred times before. I walked caramel back to her stall to un-tack her. She goes straight to her food bowl like always. I took off her bridal and I heard the clinking of metal on her teeth as I took the bit out of her mouth. It felt slimy but I did not hold on to it for long. I slid her halter on to her head and walked her to the cross ties so I could take her saddle off. I walked out of the stables to put her saddle away to hang caramel’s bridal up. I walked back to caramel’s stall her ears were back she is basically telling let’s go lady I want my food. I went to get her brush. I took the brush and I put my hand through the little slip. I brushed her and took the halter off and let her eat her food. I closed the door behind me and took …show more content…
I was ready to go next. Caramel started to trout. two changes in diangle. We turned around and went to the center of the arena we trotted at the barrel. “NAY” the horse screeched. Caramel stood up on her hind legs.I tried to hold on. The saddle slipped. It all went black.
Beep beep beep I woke up. I looked around. I was in the hospital. My arms hurt so much as if someone dropped a boulder on it and never took it off. The doctor walked in. “I am glad your awake you were out for a good day or so”. “what happened” I asked she walked over to the computer on the side of my bed. “ well you horse fell backwards and landed on you it broke your arm and injured your other and head, but you will be fine.” A nurse came in with toast and pulled out a small table attached to the bed. She put the toast in front of me. My head hurt so much I did not want to eat. “we will give you time to rest and you will be out in no time”. Being at the hospital was offal I wanted I see if Caramel was ok. Everyday there made me stressed but my family was

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