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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Legend Of Caramel

    “You can get off now Callie” I slid off and Caramel jumped a little bit. Caramel Is a big scaredy cat, She hates new things and things she has seen at the barn one hundred times before. I walked caramel back to her stall to un-tack her. She goes straight to her food bowl like always. I took off her bridal and I heard the clinking of metal on her teeth as I took the bit out of her mouth. It felt slimy but I did not hold on to it for long. I slid her halter on to her head and walked her to the cross ties so I could take her saddle off. I walked out of the stables to put her saddle away to hang caramel’s bridal up. I walked back to caramel’s stall her ears were back she is basically telling let’s go lady I want my food. I went to get her brush. I took the brush and I put my hand through the little slip. I brushed her and took the halter off and let her eat her food. I closed the door behind me and took a deep breath. I walked over to the side of caramel’s stall to get my helmet and gloves. “callie, can we talk”, “Ya sure Sammy” “I want you to join the riding competition “maybe I don't know if I want to.” I started to think about it “your last show went really well” “fine”, ”it’s in 3 week”. I walked over to my car and put the key in the ignition. On the way home I thought about the competition, I have been on competitions before but every time it worries me. Beep beep beep the alarm went off. I woke up got out of bed and did all of my daily routines. I had to go back to the…

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  • Flags Of Our Fathers: The Battle Of Iwo Jima

    know one thing for sure: you are part of a team, a band of brothers, and prepared to pay the ultimate price for any of them. This was exactly the case for the thousands among thousands of Marines that showed themselves in the historic Battle of Iwo Jima. The book Flags of Our Fathers describes this brutal thirty-six day battle, and takes us in depth with 6 of our nation's heroes; “The Flag Raisers:” Cpl. Harlon Block, Navy Pharmacist's Mate John Bradley, Cpl. Rene Gagnon, PFC Franklin Sousley,…

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  • What Is The Similarities Between All Quiet On The Western Front And Flags Of Our Fathers

    soldiers also realize that the way war is described and painted for them differed from how it really is. A slight difference between the two books is that the picture is painted by schoolmasters in All Quiet on the Western Front whereas it is painted mainly by the media in Flags of Our Fathers. “This is no joke! This is real war (Bradley, 58)!” This statement is yelled out anonymously from the roof of the KGU radio station in Honolulu during the Japanese’s bombing of Pearl Harbor. In…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Parents Coming To America

    why my parents have different last names. Also where I'm from its natural for someone to come over everyday some families have a visitor that’s always being used. It's also common for no presents on Christmas because there is no money to spend on presents but we do go to church. Since I'm African-American I'll talk about American tradition and such like Presidents day I wonder that days purpose is or Easter I don’t understand that one either. So Presidents day a long time ago was seen as…

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  • Rutherford B Hayes Research Paper

    Rutherford B. Hayes, the nineteenth President of the United States, was born on October 4, 1822, in Ohio. He was the fifth born child to Rutherford and Sofia Bichard Hayes. Before getting the chance to be president, he served In a recognized legitimate, military and congressional posts and was the legislative leader of Ohio. In 1877, Hayes was elected as the 19th president of the United States, after winning one of the most corrupted election in American History. After winning the presidency, he…

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  • Analytical Essay: James Garfield's Life And Death

    In both life and death, James Garfield was a groundbreaking personality. He gained the nomination for presidency by popular vote despite not officially being in the running, and he was awarded the presidency against the democratic nominee using the same unexpected means. His popular character attracted the likes of both those who wished to work with him, and those who wished to harm him besides his down-to-earth way of handling the presidency of the United States of America. On September 19th,…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Make College Free For All

    presidential nominee, he is currently campaigning for Hilary Clinton. As he campaigns for Hilary, he will still be able to use free college education as a topic of issue, since the cost of college is continuously rising. One flaw in Sanders argument is the failure to effectively use the appeal to authority. In Sanders introduction, he describes Rutherford B. Hayes argument for “universally available public education” (Sanders 1). Furthermore, Senator Bernie Sanders indicates that President…

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  • John Sherman American Dream

    The American Dream is the idea that anybody can become successful and powerful in America, which is commonly seen as the land of hopes, dreams, and opportunity. Regardless of the past and sometimes present, anybody can easily become somebody, as long as they have the discipline and willingness to commit and work hard for the future. However, based on the book Destiny of the Republic, which takes place post Civil War, the American Dream was not truly attainable by anybody. While existing…

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  • Chester Alan Arthur Accomplishments

    After President Hayes announced that he would only be serving one term, the election of 1880 was up for grabs. Republicans stood behind the dark horse James Garfield of Ohio who had just been elected to the U.S. Senate. With the help of Conkling and through word of mouth, Chester Arthur’s name was being discussed in relation to the vice presidential slot. Garfield agreed with Arthur’s nomination and with little hesitation, Chester Arthur accepted and declared, “The office of the…

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  • Symbolism In The Stranger, By Albert Camus

    In Albert Camus’ novel, “The Stranger”, the absurdist themes of the meaninglessness of human life, living in the moment, irrationality, and lack of conformity to the values of society are best exemplified through the relationships that the protagonist, Meursault, has with those around him. Camus’ characterisation of his anti-hero makes us question the way we must fit into other people’s expectations of our own behaviour, thus forcing us to lie in order to find a secure place within society.…

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