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  • Depression Or Clinical Depression

    Is occasional depression a natural state to an extent, and is the culture too eager to treat this as a disorder? Many people experience situations in daily life that trigger feelings of loneliness, rejection, debilitating fear, anxiety, and even grief. How our mind and body react to those feelings can be different for each person. Although some believe depression is just a natural state, the truth is it is a serious disorder that takes place mainly in children, causing them to harm themselves, and leads them to look at the world differently. Depression is a mood disorder that causes a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest. Also called major depressive disorder or clinical depression, it affects how you feel, think and behave and can lead to a variety of emotional and physical problems.…

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  • Depression: The Causes And Effects Of Depression

    Depression is more than just a rough patch or feelings of sadness. While a depressed person may appear to be having a hard time, their internal battle is more than could be understood by someone who has never been depressed. Typically, a depressed person is overtaken with feelings of sadness, emptiness, and despair to the point of believing that they are unloved and incapable of loving. Emptiness outweighs the rest. "Emptiness is a never ending feeling. Emptiness and helplessness often come hand…

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  • Depression In Emil Kraepelin's Description Of Depression

    Review of Literature The Beginnings In fifth century that Hippocrates and his associates gave the description of depression as “Fear or sadness that last a long time mean melancholia” (Hippocrates, 1923–1931, Vol. IV, p. 185) in Greek. They defined it in a way similar to what we understand it as presently having deep sadness, worthlessness, helplessness and hopelessness as the core symptoms and related symptoms like decreased interest in usual activities, social detachment, decreased sleep and…

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  • Abraham Lincoln's Depression And Clinical Depression

    indicated that Lincoln’s depression was biological. One could also argue that through Lincoln’s childhood misfortunes, such as the death of his brother and mother from illness and disease, a foundation was laid for his melancholy episodes in later life. Growing up in life, Lincoln’s voracious appetite for reading and writing poetry, along with a desire for self-education, lead his father to view him as lazy which…

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  • Depression In Adolescence

    Depression in Adolescence Unipolar depressive disorder in children and adolescents is a problem across the world that has become very common, but is often not recognized correctly (Thapar, Collishaw, Pine, & Thapar, 2012). Depression in adolescents is associated with a substantial risk of suicide, is the second leading cause of death in this age group and at least half of those who attempted suicide have described symptoms associated with depressive disorders at the time of death (Hawthorn,…

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  • Depression Intervention

    This intervention is directed at promoting and preventing depression in New Zealand adolescents. In order to achieve better mental health for adolescences, the target group for my intervention will be focused on small children, those aged from kindergarten to primary school. The purpose of the intervention is to provide children with the necessary resilience and barriers against depression during their future adolescence years. Dunnachie (2007) defines depression in adolescence as “a diagnosis…

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  • Depression Monologue

    complete despair, a cloak of depression. It was a fog that moved in slowly and steadily. Till I couldn’t tell right from left and up from down, it was the outcome of a vision concealed with a blanket of depression. Vapors of depression integrated with my thoughts and feelings, that’s when I lost myself. What vanished was my will to live, life then became this hollow landscape that I aimlessly wandered through without knowing what I was seeking. Then, my bleak and hopeless thoughts embraced…

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  • Theories Of Depression

    Neuroscience and Depression Jessica Hess Southern Connecticut State University Depression is an affective mood disorder, which is a psychiatric disorder that involves a change of mood and emotion (Pinel, J, 2014). There are several different categories of depression. Major depression is a very familiar term and is the most well known form of depression. This is characterized by symptoms such as loss of interest and an inability to enjoy life and the cause remains unidentified. Another…

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  • Pathophysiology Of Depression

    or her life, but sometimes the lingering sadness and anxiety doesn’t fade away. This is called depression, a mood state characterized by significantly lowered mood and a loss of interest or pleasure in activities that are normally enjoyable 1. Depression can vary from different types of diagnoses ranging from minor to severe depression, which can be life threatening. Those who suffer from this mental illness experience an extensive series of symptoms that can continue to affect the individual if…

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  • Depression In The Great Depression

    The Great Depression was arguably America’s darkest hour. Looking back, modern day Americans cannot fathom the despair and hopelessness that covered America like an itchy woolen blanket throughout the 1930s. How bad were those days? What kept American families alive? Where was God? Now, imagine if another Great Depression happened tomorrow. Could America recover? As a student flips through his history textbook, he spots a photo of men lined up around a block waiting for bread at a soup kitchen.…

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