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  • My First Day Of 8th Grade

    I came home to unpack the night before the first day of 8th grade started. I had just spent a week with my dad before summer vacation came to an end. My mom called me downstairs to have a discussion with her and Ron, my step dad. I assumed it had something to do with Ron’s kids, Vanessa and Trey, moving in with us. But to my great surprise, they told me that they were getting a divorce and Ron would be moving out that night. Those next couple weeks were kind of a blur. My mom was calling our relatives to let them know and trying to keep our lives together. One of those conversations I had listened in on and it wasn’t until then that I learned the truth- Ron had been cheating on my mom. My mom had started to spiral between depression, then slowing into partying and man hating. It was then that I started my identity as a caregiver because without a second thought I had taken care of my mom through that time. During this time my mother struggled quite a bit with trying to stay positive. Most of the time I would wake up, get ready for school, go into my mom’s room to wake her up, then start walking to school. When she would get home a lot of times she would go upstairs, lay in bed, and play on her computer. I would generally try to find her some food and bring it up or I went upstairs and discussed with her what we wanted for dinner. I didn’t have a huge variety of the food that I made (due to the fact that I was 13) so most of the time we would eat tuna sandwiches or cereal.…

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  • Reflection: How Communication Is Important In Human Communication

    Communication is very important in human civilization history and it has been developed until today so that people will know the best and efficient way to deliver messages to the audience. Generally, people used to think that speaking is the best way to communicate to other people, however for me, speaking is not the only best way to communicate to the people because we can send our ideas or message to other people by using many different ways. In this class, I was taught to have good skills of…

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  • Relationship Between Culture And Me

    Culture and Me I believe that a person who has a little time to live will spend on things that make him or her happy. Each of us has own values, priorities, and experiences as a person so everyone also has different happiness in life. Thus, my peers would not spend their time similarly, including myself. I also believe that living in the world is not only how to enjoy yourself, but also to serve with God and other people. This is what God us wants to do: Love your neighbor, enemy and your Lord,…

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  • Short Story Of Jeremiah Prom

    For Jeremiah prom is only four weeks away but he has not yet been able to decide on what he is going to wear for that glamorous night. His date for the night, which is also his girlfriend (Grace), has already decided what type of dress she will wear. The problem Jeremiah is having is that it is very difficult to find a suit that matches Grace’s dress. Therefore, he has to improvise on what he is going to wear the night of prom all the while having some sort of similar scheme as Grace. Jeremiah…

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  • Example Of Justice In Antigone

    What everyone defines as justice is very different. What one person may see as justice another may not see it as justice. We as people make these choices everyday without knowing that we had made them. A prime example of what one person sees as justice and others do not is from Antigone. After Antigone’s brothers fought and Kreon kills Polyneices, Kreon says that his brother Polyneices is not to be buried, since Polyneices wanted the crown for himself. Kreon chose to do this to his brother to…

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  • Martinsville VA: A Short Story

    I arrived in Martinsville VA. It was the very next day after my graduation. That very evening I showed up at the ballpark. Nobody was there except me, Roly DeAarmis (the manager), Craig Strobel (the trainer) and I think someone from the front office. He introduced himself to me. He showed me my locker and told me that I need to be at the park the next day at 3 p.m. The next day I arrived at the park at precisely 3 p.m. as instructed. It wasn’t good. When I showed up, I not only was…

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  • Recovery: Recovery Like Waking From A Bad Dream

    Introduction: Jill When interviewing my volunteer, Jill she describes her recovery like waking from a bad dream. She described that since she reached her recovery she now feels like she knows what happiness really is. She stated that when you are at the lowest point of your life, you believe that you will never feel good again, you are always going to be stuck that way. She stated with time and a lot of support she slowly began to feel better, she stated she started to want to do more, she…

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  • Creative Writing: The Ripper

    I (Maincharacter) start to feel filthy, i haven 't showered in days and my hair is scratchy. I smell horrible. I walk up to the kidnappers. "Is there any place I could take a shower?" I ask without sounding polite. "Not unless you wanna take a swim." He says as he starts laughing. The rest of them join in. I walk away as I flip them the bird. the younger male kidnapper walks up to me once we 're out of everyone 's sight. He tells me where the shower is. So I guess thoughs jackasses really do…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Journey To Become A Nurse

    My grandmother didn 't make it to next week she passed away 4 days before they administer TEAS test and all day she wasn 't there for me physically spiritually I knew she was right beside me. Life may have gave me lemons and I may have thrown them out at first but I realize if I pick them up add water which is determination and sugar which is positive then I can make me some good lemonade as I write this essay I know I 've been abused, I know I 've been dealing with death in my life lately but I…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Top Strengths Of Myself

    There are many strengths that I could describe for myself, but my three top strengths are believing in myself, adopting lifelong learning, and discovering self-motivation. I feel that believing in myself is the most important thing in life. You need the right mindset when it comes to many things that a person does in their lives. I feel if I do not encourage myself nobody else will. I live in a world where a lot people are out here for their selves and could care less how I am feeling. It takes…

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