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  • Cultural Reflection Paper

    1. After the last few months we have had the privilege to spend at People’s City Mission, it became increasingly prevalent that the cultural lens that my group and I had versus the lens which the kids came from was entirely different. When we first began our fieldwork there, being told that their lives were structured, I thought that they would have no problem switching from one task to the other without difficulty. However, I couldn’t have been more wrong. It isn’t that the kids are bad,…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Life As A Victim

    One of the many mysteries of life is how you can overcome so much and still come out “normal”. Many of us have run into many obstacles and was stuck as they say between a “rock and a hard place”. Throughout my life, many obstacles were thrown at me starting through my early childhood all the way to the day I am writing this. I Have gone through forever changing experiences. From being the victim my entire life, I have learned what I wanted to be when I grew up. My past has made me no longer a…

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  • Source Of Ethics Essay

    “There’s only two way to perceive things, either black and white or right and wrong”. Fortunately, the world is more complex than simple categorization of one’s ideology. If it was that transparent, history would have stayed the same from the absence of civil movements and revolutionary activists. Our beliefs and ideology forms what we are and what we identify others. Unfortunately, I do not have the ideal moral standard when I observe the people that live in the same world as I do. My…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Art Class Success

    Art Class Success Everyone seems to take their elective classes as a joke, because they think they are less important than their core classes. That is their first mistake. Every class that counts for a credit is important, and you still need a good enough grade if you want to pass. That class is also affecting your GPA, which affects how other schools, and jobs look at you. A class like art isn’t for everyone, but there are some things you can do to help improve your grade in art. So for all…

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  • Reflective Essay: The Key To Successful Group Projects

    If I were given the challenge to take on a project like we received in our group project. I would have to say I would be up for the challenge. The key to a successful project is the team that you have working with you. If you don’t have everyone clicking on all cylinders you won’t get anywhere with your project. One bad cylinder could ruin the all whole project. Luckily with this class, I had a good group that clicked on all cylinders. From my experience in being other groups that don’t click,…

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  • Research Paper On Stress Analysis

    Luckily, stress is an issue that I do not encounter too often. I go through periods when I may get stressed, but I am typically able to get it under control before it becomes excessive. One cue that I have that I am becoming stressed is that I am unable to “turn off” my mind at night. My mind will be racing about all of the things that I have to do. This is generally the first sign. When this happens, I have a mental list of several things that I know that I can think of instead. This usually…

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  • Single Happiness

    veryone in our lives has a single happiness. It depends on the circumstances, perspective, and the feeling of us. In particular, my happiness is my own family because it gives me the strange warmth and it’s always around me. I never want to lose it. Therefore, that is important to my life and I always respect it. How come I say my happiness is the family. It has three reasons makes me think it is important in my life. At first, I think I am a lucky person because I always have my parents stay…

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  • Anela Pritchard's Speech Analysis

    Anela Pritchard's speech: I'm a decently smart kid, with some decently good grades. But sometimes I believe that, with the essays, worksheets and endless amount of study assigned to me each day, that teachers secretly hate me, rather than actually wanting to help me do better. They most likely, if anything really, just do it for the pay check. I'm not saying all teachers do, but the majority of them appear to be that way. I always think about how I do believe school is important, however I…

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  • Most Influential Person In My Life

    When asked to write about the most influential person in my life, my mind came up blank. My life is average. I have a normal sized family, two loving parents, and nothing extraordinary has ever happened in my life. But yet, at the same time something more than extraordinary had happened in my life. The day was April 29, 2005. I was five years old at the time, and didn’t have a clue what was going on. I was at the hospital waiting room, along with my other siblings, Ashleigh, and Crystal.…

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  • Personal Narrative: My First Day Of School In Kindergarden

    My First Day of School in Kindergarden “Click” Good morning Natalie! Wake up! my mom said excitedly. My mom is a very loving and happy kind of person who always thinks positively. I groaned to indicate to my mom that I was awake. I just laid there in my bed tired and unwilling to get up, my mom decided to change me because she saw how sleepy I was. I woke myself up a bit but I was half asleep most of the time when my mom was changing me out of my pajamas. I would always jump once in a while…

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