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  • Immigrants In Lebanon

    drives people searching for a better living and future. In fact, it witnesses a massive number of immigrants from all around the world every year. Lebanon being a country always in external and internal conflict, it is unable to grant its citizens the level of life they have always wished for, pushing them far away from their homeland to other advanced nations such as the United States and Australia, seeking superior living conditions: “These parents fled to Australia because they chose peace, not war, because they did not want to raise their children in a climate of fear and oppression.”, explains Joseph Wakim in…

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  • Syrian Refugees In Lebanon

    Lebanon is a Middle Eastern country about a third of the size of Maryland. To the west is the Mediterranean Sea. Lebanon shares land borders with Israel to the south for 81 km and the rest stretching for 403 km with Syria. The Bekaa Valley separates Lebanon and the Anti-Lebanon Mountains that forms most of the border between Lebanon and Syria (Central Intelligence Agency, 2016). Lebanon is a diverse country with competing interests and ideologies. Christians make up 40.5% of the population…

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  • Lebanon Research Paper

    The foundation of the French Mandate for Syria and Lebanon played an integral role in shaping Lebanese politics and society, and in turn establishing factors that would make it prone to intervention. The French sought to make Lebanon as large as possible while still retaining a Maronite majority; a move that pleased the Maronites and brought out animosity among the Druzes and Sunni Muslims. Nationalists revolted against the French in the streets and through representatives in the government.…

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  • Lebanon Correction

    Entering into Lebanon Correctional last Wednesday, I had expectations and prejudgments of the inmates that I prepared for myself mentally. With Lebanon Correctional being a third level prison, the exterior of the facility has barbed fencing and security, housing various criminals who have committed felonies. Before meeting the inmates, I expected them to be of the stereotypical dramatization that is portrayed in the media: intimidating, cold, threatening, possibly even sociopathic. With the list…

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  • Brain Drain In Lebanon

    Brain drain is a phenomenon where the few intellectual civilians abandon their nations, seeking greater opportunities to prosper upon. Lebanese intellectuals and skilled workers aspire to a better future; as a result, fewer experts stay behind to run business as usual. Brain drain results in a loss of the hope left for our country Lebanon to flourish. Brain drain in Lebanon is indeed extracting all the great minds with true potential in taking this country to a whole new level. Lack of proper…

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  • Syrian Civil War: The Syrian Refugee Crisis

    There are various factors relating to the Syrian refugee crisis that have strained Lebanon’s infrastructure and exacerbated the issues that the country faces. Lebanon’s institutions are no longer capable of handling the large amount of refugees with its current resources. There are currently over one million registered Syrian refugees in Lebanon within its 4.4 million Lebanese population (UNHCR). This means that nearly 1 out of every 5 people in Lebanon is a Syrian refugee. The infrastructure…

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  • Sex Trafficking In Lebanon

    The brothel is run by a 45 year old woman who was like, Sarah, physically and sexually abused by her ex-husband. “Few weeks ago, Lebanon 's security forces have dismantled the country 's largest known sex trafficking ring and freed 75 mainly Syrian women. The women were tortured and only left house for forced abortions.” (Dailymail) This incident became debate material for the public on sex trafficking and abortion. Unfortunately, most people, “activists” included, do not acknowledge the…

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  • The Syrian Refugee Crisis: The Cause Of The Syrian Refugee Crisis

    In September of 2015, the image of 3 year old Aylan Kurdi 's lifeless body being pulled from Turkish waters forced the world to shift its collective gaze towards Syria where thousands of individuals were risking their lives in order to flee their war-torn country. What began as a civil war, has resulted in the largest displacement of individuals since World War II. The Syrian refugee crisis is one of the most pressing issues that the world is facing today. The influx of refugees into…

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  • Benefits Of Syrian Refugees

    By the end of 2017 there could as many as 3 million refugees living throughout Europe (Calamur). This is an enormous change for the population, especially for states taking in larger number of refugees or states with already low populations. To help illustrate, as of September, the Syrian refugees represent 0.11% of the European population while they represent 25% of the Lebanon population (Bajenkal). There are both benefits and costs to an increased population. The benefits offer a large…

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  • Colonialism In Adnan's Marie Rose

    a majority are Muslim. However, once we delve into the role that European colonialism had in the Middle East, there are undoubtedly lasting effects that are still present at this time. An example of this is how the State of Israel was established by the United Nation within Palestine. At the time, the United Nations consisted mostly of Western and European influence. This establishment caused the mass emigration of Jews as they sought for refuge in Palestine after the Holocaust. What this…

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