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  • The Humanitarian Crisis In Syria

    The mounting civilian casualties in Syria and the displacement of over 6 million Syrians –with prospects of both more casualties and more displacement – make this the most daunting humanitarian crisis facing the world today. Syria is a West Asian country, a region in which the Muslim populace predominates. The problems in Syria began in 2011 as a peaceful protest but quickly rose into an armed civil conflict which has cost the lives of 100,000 people and forced over two million to flee to the relative safety of neighboring countries. This conflict has captured the world’s attention because of the tactics employed by the president of Syria, Bashar al-Assad. Unarmed civilians were attacked and killed by government troops as they searched for…

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  • The Role Of The Assad Regime In The Syrian Civil War

    thus fighting them at times. This causes much confusion and makes it difficult to decide who the real enemy is. The United States and Russia both play large roles in the civil war going on. Russia sees the Assad Regime as the legitimate power of the state. Russia’s tactics to end the war is to aide the regime with military support. Bombings of Free Syrian Army grounds has been the strongest impact the Russians have had on the war. This ideology is contrary to the United States view of the war.…

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  • The Effect Of Oil Exports In Venezuela

    had agreed to cut down their oil productions only if Russia stops aiding the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. “If oil can serve to bring peace in Syria, I don’t see how Saudi Arabia would back away from trying to reach a deal.” (Cunningham) If there any signs of Russia’s support weakening for the Syrian president this could be the uproar in the oil market making an impact on global statecraft. Russia does not want to let go of Syria because Russia wants to get rid of ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq…

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  • Write An Essay On Refugee Crisis

    country. Syria 's president, Bashar al-Assad, first alternated between force and hints of reform. Though just one month later al-Assad sent tanks into restive cities as security forces opened fire on demonstrators, just days after lifting the country’s decades-old state of emergency. Later, in the summer of 2011, thousands of soldiers defied and began launching attacks against the government. This in turn complicated Syria 's ethnic divisions. The assads and the majority of the nation 's…

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  • The Global Implications Of The Syrian Civil War

    In 2013, chemical attacks were released on Aleppo, with the United States blaming Assad for the attacks. As the fighting continued, more allies came to the region to push their proxy agendas, but also more domestic players appeared as well. The Kurds, an ethnic group who has faced discrimination of decades, began to militarily insert themselves in the fray after being attacked by ISIL. Also becoming a dominant power in the next few years would be the terrorist organization ISIL. ISIL, a…

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  • Syrian Civil War

    Civil War is a multi-sided armed conflict in Syria. The war started in 2011 after President Bashar al-Assad’s government violently restrained protestors requesting his removal. Many countries including the US have tried to intervene. Since then the Syrian government has refused efforts to negotiate with these “terrorist groups.” There were 90,000 casualties by June 2013 and 250,000 as of April 2015. This war isn’t just a battle between those for and against the Syrian president, it has escalated…

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  • Syrian Civil War: The Syrian Refugee Crisis

    the Arab Uprisings began toppling authoritarian regimes in the Middle East. In March of 2011 Syria joined the uprisings by conducting anti-government protests and demonstrations of their own in Daraa, Syria. The government, led by President Bashar al-Assad, was quick to silence the voices of demonstrators and did so by immediately lashing out in violence. Dozens of individuals were…

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  • Syrian Democracy

    In March 2011, a pro-democracy protest broke out when some teenagers were arrested and beaten up for drawing a “revolutionary slogan” in a city of Syria. The protest did not stop since then, and pro-democracy people made effort to make their president Bashar al-Assad step down out of dictatorship. Their protest failed every time as the President Bashar al-Assad crushed all those who opposed to his ruling. He sent tanks with trained men to kill the people who did not agree with him. President…

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  • The Syrian Refugee Crisis: The Cause Of The Syrian Refugee Crisis

    farming communities sent thousand of people into the cities in search of alternate livelihoods. this coupled with civil unrest and resistance towards an authoritarian government and the successful Arab spring uprising in the middle east created a perfect storm of civil unrest that reached its tipping point in March 2011 with the detention and subsequent torture of 15 boys, 1 of which, Hamzaa El-Khateeb, was killed. The boys were detained for spraying graffiti in support of the Arab Spring. This…

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  • The Benefits Of Syrian Refugees

    Syria’s Civil War has created one of the worst humanitarian crises of the 21st century. What started as peaceful anti-government protests in early 2011 has escalated into a full-scale civil war. Half of the country’s population—more than 11 million people—have been killed or forced to flee their homes as a result (Asare, Patrick, Gritten, Offer, & Rodgers). As forces loyal to Syrian ruling Dictator Bashar al-Assad, those opposed to his regime, and jihadist militants from the Islamic State (also…

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