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  • Syria Culture

    As we currently stand on the brink of war in Syria, it is imperative that we as a country understand our chances and possible outcomes of such a war. Syria resides in the breadbasket of human civilization, and has a rich, diverse, and historical culture. To win a war you must fully understand the operational environment. The focus of this paper will be on the different people, organizations, and groups found in this diverse country. To assist in that objective, this paper will attempt to define the complex culture, geography, military history, and weather effects on the culture. With the complexity of Syria’s culture, we could write a ten-page paper on culture alone, and still be wanting. Culture is defined as “the beliefs, customs,…

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  • The Humanitarian Crisis In Syria

    The mounting civilian casualties in Syria and the displacement of over 6 million Syrians –with prospects of both more casualties and more displacement – make this the most daunting humanitarian crisis facing the world today. Syria is a West Asian country, a region in which the Muslim populace predominates. The problems in Syria began in 2011 as a peaceful protest but quickly rose into an armed civil conflict which has cost the lives of 100,000 people and forced over two million to flee to the…

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  • Syria Research Paper

    The name Syria was given to the country by the Greeks and Romans and has been told it comes from the Babylonian word “suri”. Syrians refer to Syria and surrounding large areas as Sham, which means “the northern region, and it was known as the Sham until the twentieth century. The culture of the Syrians is their own culture that they were practicing in their indigenous place culture includes ideals, values, arts, traditions, customs, beliefs and innovations that were developed both locally and…

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  • French Mandate In Syria

    This historical analysis will define the influence of the French mandate in the development of socialism in Syria through European education and development of the League of Nationalist Action (LNA) and the Ba’ath Party in the nationalist movements of the 1930s and 1940s. The rise of socialism in Syria was primarily organized by young men that sought a modern nationalist platform through the LNA in the 1930s. The fervent nationalism against the French mandate provided a conceptualization of…

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  • Case Study: Understanding Syria

    Understanding Syria Background President: Bashar al-Assad: Elected. Assad overtook his father as president, but his father had seized power in a coup. Capital: Damascus To understand Syria is to recognise a highly divided country. Ethnic groups and their religious practices are diverse. Islam is primarily divided into two denominations within Syria, Shia, and Sunni. Sunni Muslims make up the majority of the population. Much of the government practice a branch of Shia Islam and are called…

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  • Dbq Essay: War In Syria

    War in Syria DBQ Essay The current death toll in syria is 470,000 or 250,000 people due to the civil war and those numbers are growing as this war goes on. The war began by the syrian government arresting and torturing teenagers for placing anti government graffiti on walls, and the syrian people were at their last straw and started to confront their government about its corruption. War is a terrible thing, but should the world be getting involved in this conflict. Let…

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  • Refugees: The Brutal Violence In Syria

    Argumentative essay about refugees The brutal violence in Syria has forced 4.3 million people to flee their home country. Half of them are children, and many are difficult traumatized. The victims of the war have seen their homes destroyed by bombs, and witnessed their relatives getting killed. They’ve lost everything they own, and all they have left is hope. Hope for a better life. Many of the victims have chosen to travel overseas by boat in hope to fulfil this dream in the western world. This…

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  • Marcel Mettelsiefen's Film, Children Of Syria

    Marcel Mettelsiefen’s documentary “Children of Syria” tells one family’s story of surviving in Syria’s war-torn city of Aleppo. After their father is kidnapped, the family begins their journey to Germany to escape the violence in Syria and start a new life. The documentary, which debuted on the TV program “Frontline”, films the family and their experience for over three years. The hour long segment mainly focuses on the children Sara, Farah, Helen and Mohammed. Producers used multiple…

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  • Acceptrevileges: Why People Kill People In Syria

    SYRIAN REFUGEES Imagine al people killing your family for no reason. That´s what people do to Syrians. How would you feel if someone kills your family? About 6.5 million people in Syria have been forced to leave their homes. Imagine that you are searching for somewhere to live and someone doesn´t let you because he thinks you are a terrorist. #acceptrefugees. Syria refuge es graffiti are painting graffiti and it is good because it gives a message to the people, also to the people to accept…

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  • Informative Essay: The Civil War In Syria

    do multiple attempts to lend a hand, but other times our minds are not completely wrapped around the issue at hand which makes it hard to assist those who are witnessing the war firsthand. One example is the war in Syria; it has been going on for four years yet it seems like we were finally aware of its destruction when the picture of the three year old, Aylan Kurdi, was shown to the public. The picture did spread awareness to the world about the issue at hand but it slowly faded away.…

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