System of linear equations

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  • Business Math

    to logistics, supply chains and warehousing. Business math differs from other types of math’s because it consists of more advanced mathematics such as matrix algebra, linear programming and mathematics of finance. Thus, it is perfect to use in the business management field. Not only is Business math a very important type of mathematics but so is Financial Mathematics because they two form important branches of math that are directly applied to business and economics. Examples of these applied math’s that are vital for business are management science, probability theory, time series analysis, linear programming and queuing theory. Business Math 1324 is a very common requirement for many Texas college students who plan to get a degree in the business and/or economics field. Business math prepares these students by teaching them matrix algebra, linear programming and in some cases it also teaches them a little…

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  • The Importance Of Project Based Learning

    I plotted 2 points in Desmos, (2 toppings, 13.85) and (4 toppings, 16.99), both are medium pizzas. I asked students to get the price per topping which is the slope and subtract it two times from $13.85 to get the base price or the y-intercept. We tested the equation by opening the website of pizza hut. Students are able to compare the prices as well as qualities of the pizza stores. In this activity I was able to engage students in exploring real-world issues and solving authentic problems using…

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  • Romeo And Juliet Act 1 Scene 3 Scene Analysis

    A girl comes out standing on the table and then jumps off and gets low to the ground, does a small roll thing and then stands up bent over with her arms straight up. In that whole scene she went from high topography, low, to medium and also shows curves with her body and straight lines with her arms. Her element is fire the entire time she is on stage. At the end of her scene she shows two more extreme “systems” by falling to the ground again and getting back up to continue her last lines and…

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  • Linear Kriging Essay

    The Kriging weights w_i1,w_i2,w_i3,…w_ik can be used to estimate the fair value of VA contracts x ⃑_i by the following formula, y ̂_i=∑_(j=1)^k▒〖w_ij∙y_j 〗. The kriging weights can be calculated by the following linear equations, Where the is a control variable, which is used to make sure that ∑_(j=1)^k▒w_ij =1. V_rs=α+exp⁡(-3/β D(z ⃑_r,z ⃑_s,λ)),r,s=1,2,3,…,k, D_ij=α+exp⁡(-3/β D(x ⃑_i,z ⃑_j,λ)),j=1,2,3,…,k, The D(.) function is the distance function mentioned in the clustering section,α≥0…

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  • Importance Of FMCG Supply Chains

    Supply chains that are complex are commonly modeled as linear programs (LPs). They can effectively trade off broad range of criteria. To model FMCG supply chains accurately, one must include discrete aspects of decision making, which requires solving a mixed-integer program (MIP). It has become significantly important for managers, given the widespread use of linear models today, to be able to develop good, efficient models to aid them in the decision-making process. Three important factors;…

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  • Heckel Equation Of The Densification Of Faction

    a) Heckel equation In 1961, Heckel proposed the most widely used equation describing pharmaceutical powder behavior in compaction. It was initially used to study the densification of ceramics and its correlation with pressure. It a first order process where powder pores elimination rate is correlated to the number of pores present. The rate of volume reduction increases as the number of pores decrease. Heckel equation relates the density, pressure and the pore fraction of the powder [16],.…

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  • Pascal's Triangle Essay

    Introduction I’m going to start this paper with introducing the history of Pascal’s Triangle, time ranging from 2nd century BC to 18th century AD. Among all the academic works by ancient mathematicians, I’m going to focus on Jiu Zhang Suan Shu [Nine Chapters on the Mathematical Art] composed by Chinese scholars around 2nd century BC-10th century AD. I will use the binomial expansions derived from Pascal’s triangle as an example and then illustrate the coefficients expansion in general. After…

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  • Linear Programming: Toy Store

    Linear Programming: Toy Store In the beginning we were given a linear programming project to do for math class. Linear programming is a method to achieve the best outcome in a mathematical model. We were given an assignment in which we are the owners of a toy store and have 5 different types of toys that we make. The objective of the project is that we need to find out which 2 toy combination will make us the most profit. First we found out that there were 10 different combinations that we…

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  • Tidal Waves Lab Report

    on tidal flows. By analyzing the sum and difference of gravitational forces within the Earth-Moon-Sun system, we figured out the changes of tidal force made by stars’ changing positions. On the other hand, we also discussed the formation of tidal flows. Our approach shows how vertical and horizontal tidal forces causing the sea level fluctuations. 1. Introduction The tides are a regular and predictable phenomenon caused by the gravitational attraction of the moon and the sun acting on the oceans…

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  • Essay On Trigonometry

    Sitting in Algebra II, you may think to yourself: when am I ever going to use any of this in the real world? You are going to use all of the skills you learn in Algebra II more than you will ever realize. Using trigonometry, linear functions, series and sequences, and rational functions are prevalent in everyday life. In this fun, exciting report, you will learn about many situations in which you use Algebra II without even recognizing it! Trigonometry is a widely used math concept in everyday…

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