The Importance Of Project Based Learning

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Without technology Project Based Learning will not be as effective as it is today. PBL relies on collaboration, real-world connection, critical thinking and authentic assessments – components that are best served with technology. The key is to rearrange the way instructions have been presented where students’ experiences are used to teach abstract Math concepts. A PBL design starts with real world contexts, to conceptual understanding, then back to application and then creation. Project is introduced at the beginning and developed throughout the unit. Having a clear structure helped in tapping the best technology available and can best deliver all the components.
To introduce the unit in lines and relations, I used one of Desmos’ Activities
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I plotted 2 points in Desmos, (2 toppings, 13.85) and (4 toppings, 16.99), both are medium pizzas. I asked students to get the price per topping which is the slope and subtract it two times from $13.85 to get the base price or the y-intercept. We tested the equation by opening the website of pizza hut. Students are able to compare the prices as well as qualities of the pizza stores. In this activity I was able to engage students in exploring real-world issues and solving authentic problems using digital tools and resources.
The activity was followed by developing students’ conceptual understanding of slope intercept form. With the prices fresh in my students’ minds, we came up with slope’s formula of y2 – y1 over x2 – x1 or the prices of 4 toppings subtracted by the price of 2 toppings over the difference in the number of toppings. They projected the lines until they get the y-intercept. Students checked the validity of their equations using Desmos online graphing calculator. This activity helped me develop technology-enriched learning environments, managing their own learning and assessing their own
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By hours of research, I am able to set up all my classes and their Notebooks. Online Notebook contain all the group activities that we do in class as well as videos of my lessons recorded in Mix. These videos helped my students study the lesson at home, in their own time, and in their own pace. It has helped students with learning disabilities and students that have chronic attendance problem. Other applications such as Sway, Excel Spreadsheet, PowerPoint, Publisher and Mix are essential for student creativity and computer

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