Cleveland Cavaliers

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  • The Cleveland Cavaliers Case Study

    The Cleveland Cavaliers dominated game 1 with a 115-84 victory over the Toronto Raptors. The Cavs started the game looking stale and fell behind 7-0, but they shook off the rust after only several minutes. Cleveland finished the first quarter with a 33-28 lead. If they plan to game 2 and remain undefeated, they must focus on these three areas. ATTACK THE PAINT AND CRASH THE BOARDS Cleveland entered the game shooting 46.2% from three point range throughout eight games. They were sinking three at ridiculous rate during the Atlanta series, breaking numerous records in the process. However in game 1, Toronto appeared overly concerned on perimeter defense. They left wide open lanes to the rim. LeBron James shot 11/12 in the paint and scored 24…

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  • Kevin Love: My Favorite Professional Basketball Player

    Kevin Love What I Already Know/What I Want to Know Kevin Love is a professional basketball player for the Cleveland Cavaliers of the National Basketball Association (NBA). Kevin Love is six feet and ten inches tall and weighs 251 pounds. He plays the power forward position, wears jersey number zero, and makes an annual salary of 15.72 million dollars. I enjoy watching and playing the game of basketball. Ever since I was a little kid I would watch the Minnesota Timberwolves on…

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  • Michael Jorden: The Most Valuable Player

    Three years later, Michael made a tribute to James on Father’s Day, by winning his fourth, NBA finals Most Valuable Player trophy and fourth championship. Michael Jordan’s athleticism was like no other player on the basketball court. I can remember how easy it was for him to rotate his arms from one side of the goal to the other, while his feet were off the ground; as if time froze, but Michael was still moving. When some think of the fastest players in basketball, you might think of John…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Cleveland Cavaliers

    Last year in mid June, I was watching game 7 of the NBA championship in my living room with my family. The Golden State Warriors were tied in the series with the Cleveland Cavaliers. I was so anxious since my favorite basketball player, Steph Curry was playing. My mom and I were rooting for the Golden State Warriors while my brother Jonathan, was rooting for the Cavaliers. I was also texting with my friend Pam who is a big Curry fan about the exciting game. I was so pumped. I texted Pam“Let's go…

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  • The Season Of The Toronto Raptors Team

    Despite wrapping up the most successful regular season in franchise history, there is a general sense around the league that the Toronto Raptors have accomplished nothing. 21 seasons of (mostly) underachievement doesn’t help. 1 playoff series win and 7 playoff series losses don’t help. Zero best-of-seven playoff series wins definitely won’t help. Consecutive playoff series losses as the higher seed……well, you get the picture! Are you still reading? Because that’s all the negativity you’re…

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  • Lebron James: What Makes A Successful Athlete

    success, it does not make an athlete successful. What makes an athlete successful is their talent, but also their determination, desire and their leadership qualities. The God given talent an athlete possesses is a key component to the amount of success they will achieve throughout their career. Talent is what separates a good player from a bench player. LeBron James can be considered as the best professional basketball player of recent years. He is a 3x NBA Champion along with 3 NBA Finals MVP…

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  • Why Are Professional Athletes Overpaid?

    military personnel, or police officers; and the money paid to said athletes could be put to better use. Professional athletes should not be paid so extravagantly because many professional athletes do not even have college degrees. Most attend college for only one or two years of college. Further, some even skip college, as they are drafted straight out of high school. For example, LeBron James had just graduated from St. Mary’s-St. Vincent’s High School in Akron, Ohio when he was drafted. He…

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  • How Do Sports Have A Positive Impact On Society

    Sports can have a positive effect on society. They are one of the things that have made me the person I am today. Sports, mostly football and basketball, have shown me how to be a leader, how to stay active, how to persevere no matter how down you are , how it can help people in the community, and the ability to talk to people about the sports I love. Sports have no doubt been an influence for a long time, from ancient times to now. The leadership that comes with sports is a big deal in my…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Story Of Playing Basketball

    Flowing cherry blossom petals are telling the end of spring. I was a middle school student in Japan who did not have any interest in playing sports. It was about lunch time, and everyone was eating lunch. I was eating my lunch and thinking what I am going to do for the rest of the lunch time. After I ate my lunch, I begun to walk around the campus of Oyaba middle school, the school that I spent two years of my precious adolescence, and I saw my friends, Shugo and Takumi, playing basketball at…

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  • Media Influence On Reality Sports

    Fantasy sports can be defined as a media game in which people use real life professional athletes’ performances, as points to win a made up game (Carroll 12, 2013). It is easy to see why a fabricated game like this could become so well liked throughout our culture because it is another way for fans to live out their professional sporting dreams vicariously through the athletes, while also being able to put together a group of players that would otherwise never be on the same team (Carroll 12,…

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