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  • Kobe Bryant

    The (9-35) Los Angeles Lakers host the white-hot (37-6) San Antonio Spurs tonight at the Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles. Today in the 10 year anniversary of Kobe Bryant giving the NBA; his magnum opus, his masterstroke, his piece de resistance one of his crowning achievements, his exemplar performance scoring 81-point game against the Toronto Raptors. We can all reminisce about Kobe Bryant dropping the second highest scoring game in NBA history, but a few things somehow end up being lost in translation; the fact that the Lakers were being manhandled by the Raptors down 63-49 at halftime, ‘the black mamba” had 26 at halftime. In their game against Sacramento the Lakers were competitive in the first half down 57-52 at halftime, outscored…

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  • Kobe Bryant Speeches

    They pass it to Kobe with 5 seconds left, he hesitates to the goal 4… he dribbles between the legs…3...2, he steps back and shoots...1. It's a fan's dream come true to take the game-winning shot. The way your excitement flows in your body as I play in the close game. I once heard the broadcasters talk about Kobe Bryant that way. In fact, me being named after the famous Kobe Bryant, who would go down as a legend, I would have to live to high expectations. It would be just as great as hitting the…

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  • Kobe Bryant Character Analysis

    Showboat: The Life Of Kobe Bryant By: Roland Lazenby Kobe Bryant/ the Black Mamba was very popular NBA basketball star. Kobe did not just get skills and trained from people, he already had it in his blood because his father Joe Bryant is also known as Jellybean Bryant. Joe perused his talent by going to Italy and playing basketball there. That is where their whole family lived for 7 years. Kobe learned how to speak Italian fluently and this was where he started playing basketball. When Kobe was…

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  • Kobe Bryant As An Influential Person

    “If you're afraid you're going to fail, then you're probably going to fail,” justifies Kobe Bryant. Likewise, Kobe Bryant feels that people need to…

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  • Kobe Bryant Biography

    Kobe Bryant is one of the most recognizable names in sports. His prominence in basebatball for the last two decades has helped him reach the pinnacle of celebrity status as an athlete. Well, and the fact that he’s played in Los Angeles, home of the strongest spotlight and the brightest stars in America. Kobe, known simply by his first name to even those who haven’t watched a second of basketball, is mentioned with Michael Jordan and LeBron James as the faces of the sport in the last 20 years. So…

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  • The Negative Influence Of Kobe Bryant

    Jackson (“Kobe Bryant” Unofficial Fansite 3). Even Kobe’s business interests outside of his already dropped endorsements were completely ruined, just furthering his already destroyed image (“JockBio: Kobe Bryant Biography” 16). And if the strained endorsements and his struggling team wasn’t enough, Kobe’s marriage was also at risk. Indeed, Kobe Bryant was, in fact, married at the time of the sexual assault. However, Kobe was able to “restore” his already broken marriage by purchasing a $4…

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  • Kobe Bryant Compare And Contrast

    Kobe Bryant & Michael Jordan Greatness, leadership, and killer instincts are the characteristics of Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan. There are a lot o things these two have in common, and there are some differences. One reason is that they both have championship rings, and teammates that were huge contributors to their success. Secondly they both had the same coach, but on different teams. Lastly they both impacted the game of basketball big time. Bryant and Jordan have a lot of…

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  • Kobe Bryant Research Paper

    The Mindset of Kobe Bryant and how he became filthy rich! You may know Kobe Bryant as the legendary point guard for the Lakers, or maybe you call him the best basketball players of all time, Kobe Bryant bust his butt to get to where he is so let me explain to you Kobe Bryant Mindset and how he built up a net worth of 365 Million. Kobe Bryant, named after a Japanese steak, started playing basketball when he was only 3 years old. His dad Joe (JELLYBEAN) Bryant, was a professional basketball…

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  • Comparison Of Michael Jordan And Kobe Bryant

    It has been a lot of basketball players that they have tried to be like Michael Jordan and follow his steps, but it has only been one player who has been compared as the successor of Michael Jordan, and he is Kobe Bryant. Comparisons between Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan have been constant, although Bryant just wanted to be Kobe Bryant. The final farewell to Jordan in 2003 led to the search for a new player to occupy the throne of King and Kobe represented everything that MJ left empty:…

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  • Who Is Kobe Bryant An Ideal Citizen

    Ideal Citizen Assignment: Kobe Bryant Azeem Sheikh Kobe Bryant, (born on august 23rd) is an american professional basketball player. He plays for the los angeles lakers of the national basketball association. He was born in philadelphia but he moved to italy so his dad that was also in the nba could keep playing. Kobe started taking interest i basketball since he was 3 years old and it payed off. His work ethic was second to none and Kobe became the best player drafted out of high school at…

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