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  • Korean Garden Essay

    it’ll be a group dinner at an outback steakhouse because we’re in the mood for some steaks. But for pure enjoyment, more often than not my friends and I find ourselves eating at a Korean Barbeque restaurant called Korean Garden. Korean Garden is an “AYCE”, or all-you-can-eat restaurant that allows customers to cook their own food themselves. A grill is located on each table…

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  • Korean American Culture Essay

    Los Angeles’s Koreatown is the symbolic heart of Korean American. The Korean cultures have been integrated in American society in different aspects, such as cuisines, beliefs, social services, and cultural events. However, because of language, cultural, and psychological barriers, Korean Americans still struggle with issue and challenges especially in employment and public health. Many cannot surpass the hardships of the glass ceiling, while others have limited access to public health services…

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  • Importance Of The International Summer School At Yonsei University

    research and may even continue to do research with South Korea again. Besides research I plan to continue my studying of the language by taking a few Korean classes at Florida State University. Some of the classes that I plan to take are Elementary Korean II. It emphasizes speaking and listening, as well as studying Hangeul in further detail. Another class is Korean Reading and Conversation, this course continues to stress speaking and listening skills and introduces more of the essentials of…

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  • The Importance Of South Korean Popular Culture

    Since the late 1990's, South Korean popular culture entered the global market via its television series better known as K-drama. The export of Korean dramas sparked off a palpable craze for Korean cultural commodities in early 2000. This popular cultural phenomenon known as the Korean Wave or Hallyu has seen a surge in interest in Korean culture especially through the study of the Korean language and understanding of the culture through travel. In this essay I would like to shed light on how…

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  • Diversity In South Korea

    such historical events opened doors for the Korean people to unite while preserving their shared culture by maintaining “their own distinctive language, culture, dress, and cuisine” (Stone, 2005, p.117). Following, there were three major waves of immigration to the United States respectively in 1903, 1950, and 1965 with the passage of the 1965 Immigration Act. Reasons for the accelerating number of Korean immigrants are many, mainly driven with hopes of a better education and opportunities for…

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  • Research Paper On South Korean Culture

    roles, their fine cuisine, and their popular music. Korea is a peninsular country located in the Far East, adjacent to China. Korea has an enormous about of history, dating back to 5,000 years ago. According to Korean mythology, all Koreans are descended from the gods and of the founder of the country, Tangun. But what does Korea have to do with Americans? After the first wave of Korean immigrants, the second wave brought in approximately 17,000 Koreans to the United States. Most of the…

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  • The Hallyu Wave Of Korean Pop Culture

    Hallyu wave of Korean pop culture, specifically K-pop and K-dramas have taken off throughout Latin America. Scholarship has recently conducted research on different aspects surrounding the landing of the Korean wave in Central and South America, and this paper will attempt to piece them together to create one cohesive narrative of the spread of Korean culture throughout the region. It will also somewhat focus on the countries of Peru and Brazil, where the effects of the Korean wave can be most…

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  • Japanese Occupation Of Koreans

    The Japanese occupation of Korea remains controversial; for most Koreans it was a time of national subjugation shame and betrayal, political authoritarianism and violence, and profound human suffering (Schoppa 269). Japanese colonizers in Korea operate different technique to make Koreans more like Japanese by forcing them speak Japanese, take away their identity, and help them in the war against western powers. Japanese want to unify all East Asian countries under their empire. But all this…

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  • How Does Western Culture Affect South Korea

    Cultural Environment The Asian culture and the eastern mindset as a whole are completely different from how the western mindset. South Korea, due to the immense influence of the United States, now walks a line somewhere between the western and eastern mindsets. Since the 1960s, the United States has influenced the westernization and modernization of the country. The majority of the population lives in or around Seoul, the capital of the South Korea. One aspect of South Korea that has been…

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  • Nunchi In South Korea

    Being able to read and act based on social cues is important in many cultures, but in South Korea, “nunchi” is especially valued. There is no exact translation of this word in English, but in his research paper, Jae Hong Heo interprets nunchi as a way of understanding the situation or feelings of others around you and acting accordingly. My paper will discuss why nunchi is unique to South Korea and how the awareness of nunchi affects social relations on professional and casual levels. The main…

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