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  • Korean American Culture

    values, beliefs, and practices of Korean Americans can affect healthcare, as well as, any biological factors that can influence healthcare provided to Korean Americans. Korean Americans will usually use their traditional medicine alongside of Western medicine (Kim, Kim, & Duong, 2002). Hanbang, is the traditional Korean medicine; it is very much an integral part of their culture, whether they…

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  • Korean-American Narrative Analysis

    disparate manners of identity construction can be illustrated on how both narratives distinguish themselves from others in terms of being a foreigner. Roberts summarizes Hyun’s ambiguous position in both Korean and German societies, “ In Korea, he is a foreigner legally, In Germany, he is a foreigner emotionally.” (Roberts, 29) And Roberts also adds another fact to explain why the second generation of Korean-Germans are forceful to identify themselves as Koreans, “The sort of hyphenated identity…

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  • Korean American Culture Essay

    Los Angeles’s Koreatown is the symbolic heart of Korean American. The Korean cultures have been integrated in American society in different aspects, such as cuisines, beliefs, social services, and cultural events. However, because of language, cultural, and psychological barriers, Korean Americans still struggle with issue and challenges especially in employment and public health. Many cannot surpass the hardships of the glass ceiling, while others have limited access to public health services…

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  • The Vietnam War: The Korean American War

    The Korean-American War The Korean American War was one of the well known wars from the past. It was a war that was trying to be prevented, but when war is coming you can 't prevent it you can just get ready for it. It was a nice little invasion until America jumped in to help defend what we now call South Korea. This small battle between the North and the South of Korea started little, but when an additional country jumps in you can 't do much but call this war. The Korean War started when…

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  • Compare And Contrast American And Korean Beauty Standards

    American Beauty Standards Compared to Korean Beauty Standards Both Koreans and American have similar idea of the perfect body. American women tend to want a flat stomach, long legs and a very low weight. However, this ideal body is physically impossible to achieve for a large percentage of American women. For example, if the shows on TV channels like TLC, show how unrealistic it is to attain this goal. Like the show Botched, that shows the extent people would go to look a certain way to be…

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  • Korean-American Culture

    The author examines the results of a study conducted on 40 second-generation Korean American university students living in the United States. The main topics of this article are the role of cultural identity and heritage language maintenance. She argues that in the United States, immigrant children's proficiency in English improves while their heritage language declines. The focus of this study is to determine the proficiency level and use of heritage language among second-generation…

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  • Korean-American Identity

    Identity is crucial in times of struggle and crisis. As a first generation Korean-American living in the United States, I understand that adversity is omnipresent and inevitable. Throughout my life, I have faced hardships solely due to my race. For example, I constantly experience discrimination on the basketball court and lacrosse field. During my first varsity basketball game, I heard slander in the opponent’s crowd as someone screamed, “You don’t belong in this gym, go back to China!” In that…

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  • The Youngest Daughter Cathy Song Analysis

    Ever wondered where your ancestors came from? What were they like? What did they become? Well for Cathy Song, her heritage was the success of her life. As a young girl, Song grew up as Chinese-Korean American and knew that she wanted to write about her family’s history. Song has taken her written career serious and tries to educate her readers with the terrible lives of arranged marriage women, through the art of poetry. Not only does she write about her family’s ancestry, but she loves to…

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  • Korean Immigration Essay

    Korean immigrants initially came to the United States for the same reasons as others, for economic reasons or to begin anew in a different country. However, after northern Korea was ceded to Japan, there was a shift in the actions and desires of the Korean immigrants that resided in the United States. These Korean immigrants changed from sojourning migrant laborers to political wanderers, fighting and promoting nationalism while also searching for other methods to assist their homeland.…

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  • Street Interactions In Korea

    Koreatown vary depending on the time of day. On weekday mornings and afternoons, crowds are demographically older. Most people are Korean and walk alone, not engaging with each other. The block feel like a passageway, so in addition to Koreatown residents and visitors, some pedestrians walk through Koreatown to get somewhere else. These people usually walk quicker and look around less than those here for food and shopping. In the evenings and on weekends, the crowds are younger and consist of…

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