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  • Importance Of The International Summer School At Yonsei University

    may even continue to do research with South Korea again. Besides research I plan to continue my studying of the language by taking a few Korean classes at Florida State University. Some of the classes that I plan to take are Elementary Korean II. It emphasizes speaking and listening, as well as studying Hangeul in further detail. Another class is Korean Reading and Conversation, this course continues to stress speaking and listening skills and introduces more of the essentials of Korean grammar. After I am done with school, I may go back to South Korea as a representative of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of International and Tribal Affairs in the hope of connecting with South Korea on environmental…

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  • 5 Things You Should Know About Before Traveling To South Korea

    For instance, many of these marketplaces have food stalls and stores for clothes for just the right price. This place is known as a familiar place, sort of like a home for many koreans. Furthermore, marketplaces are sort of the asian version of New York. Most stores in the marketplace tend to offer a pretty fair price to begin with, so negotiation isn’t needed, but if you negotiate with them they might take you for granted. So here is a rule of thumb, if a price is posted, it usually not open…

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  • Coming To Korea Research Paper

    We all lived on a military base for all my life since I met my dad and it was not until I was 14 years old that I lived in a house my parents officially owned. It was then I realized what my parents have done for me. My American father wanted me to adapt to the American culture. In order to do that, my dad decided I needed to stop following the Korean customs. I came to America at a young age, so I never experienced the "culture shock." My parents agreed that I had to stop learning the Korean…

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  • Diversity In South Korea

    such historical events opened doors for the Korean people to unite while preserving their shared culture by maintaining “their own distinctive language, culture, dress, and cuisine” (Stone, 2005, p.117). Following, there were three major waves of immigration to the United States respectively in 1903, 1950, and 1965 with the passage of the 1965 Immigration Act. Reasons for the accelerating number of Korean immigrants are many, mainly driven with hopes of a better education and opportunities for…

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  • Juche Ideology Summary

    The Juche ideology celebrates the greatness of the Korean race as embodied in the figures of the Great Leader Kim Il Sung, and in that of his successor the Dear Leader Kim Jong Il. According to the testimonies of North Korean defectors, starting from their childhood people are taught to look at the two Kim as semi-divine infallible heroes which devoted their life in the struggle against Western and Japanese imperialism. Consistent with these findings, C. Richardson provided some precious insight…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Education As A Korean Language

    As a young daughter of a Korean mother I was, I have spoken and written in Korean until I was registered for kindergarten in America. Of all places, New York, a home that was well-recognized for its lively atmosphere and its school systems that were pacing to grant top academic statuses. Having spoken my native language ever since I was little, I was placed into ESOL by default. I can only recall rewriting a short sentence given by my teacher, repeatedly, until it was embedded in my fingers, and…

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  • Changes During The Japanese Colonial Period

    Japanese imperialism in Korea had a significant ambivalent impact towards many Koreans. This essay will compare and contrast the differences between the first ten and second ten years of Japanese colonial policy in Korea. This is because Korea experiences dramatically changes in their cultural, political and economic policy under the Japanese rules. The essay will then distinguish why Japan changed its policies during the colonial period and how the changes in these two decades were effective.…

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  • Korean Westernized Fashion

    Korean traditional dress named Hanbok was used to distinguish upper class from lower class in the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1897). People at that time showed their social class by using different colors and embellishments of Hanbok to separate each other. Korean perspective of wearing Hanbok was not changed much even though Korea’s industrialization was quickly advanced in a short period of time. Intentional or not, people wearing different clothes distinguished between upper class and lower class.…

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  • The Importance Of National Security In South Korea

    cleared somewhat between North and South Korea they began to rise from their situation with nothing and became the proud country that it is today. With its fast growing economy and large technology industries throughout Asia it’s one of the few Asian countries predominate countries that is developed and stable. It has now a modern democracy and elected their first female president recently. All of this comes to show that South Korea is a stable country growing rapidly every day and as a nation…

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  • Effects Of Colorism In Korean Society

    Black Happiness: Colorism and Body Image K-pop and Korean Society Have you ever looked in the mirror and found things you are not happy about within your appearance? Now imagine you are a celebrity in South Korea and every one of your imperfections are pointed out by the public. Often times the pressure to fit the standard ‘westernized ' look becomes too much and idols cave and undergo the knife to look youthful and western with milky skin, double eyelids, and a sharp jawline. However, Korea…

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