The Korean People's Persecution Of North Korea

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Imagine living in the extremely dictated country of North Korea. You would never be able to leave the country’s limits because of the restrictions Kim Jong-Un has enforced among all of the North Korean citizens; North Korea’s leader has put on the country. The discrimination against North Korean’s by their leader is highly unfair and should be stopped immediately. North Korea has been a communist country and controls their people since 1918, democracy is a better way of life and not all are lucky for example like the American citizens. North Koreans are a communist economy, they also live in a very cruel and disturbing environment, and also the U.S. citizens are now allowed to travel into the North Korean limit. The Korean People's Socialist …show more content…
“The government lies to the people. The press lies to the people. The people lie to each other”(Urban 2015). Since the collapse of the state economy in the 1990s, unofficial markets have not only allowed the North Korean people to make a living but also provide the people with goods that are outside the government’s control. “The most brutal institution of social control are the five political prison camps that hold 80,000 to 120,000 people living on starvation rations and subject to hard labor”(Why North Korea, 2015). The North Korean government is scared of the outside influences, and is treated by its people reading western newspapers media. This is a reason why they can not have access to computers and the worldwide web. “The regime forces the people to participate in the maintenance of personality cults around the Kim leaders that have ruled the country for over 60 years” (The Peoples challenges, 2015). “There is no access to the internet (except for a few hand-picked and monitored officials), and North Korean landlines and mobile phones cannot make international calls” (The peoples challenges, …show more content…
Security personnel may view any unauthorized attempt in trying to talk to a North Korean citizen who is spying. When United States citizens visit North Korea they can not bring their phone into the country. “North Korean government authorities may also view taking unauthorized pictures as espionage, confiscate cameras and film, and/or detain the photographer”(Bryne 2015). Including roundtrip airfare from Beijing on Air Koryo, the prices range from around 2,500 dollars for a five-day visit to 4,000 dollars for an extended tour. When the United States citizens enter North Korea, they mark down any books they bring in, and their expected to take the same number out again. “They probably have the capabilities to intrude on your privacy if they have a reason to, but for the vast number of people who visit, they have got nothing of interest to any government” (North Korea’s Tourism Door is

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