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  • North Korea Is A Dystopian Society In Ayn Rand's Anthem

    Fear. Worry. Love. That’s what the citizens of the hermit kingdom that is North Korea feel. They fear for their lives, they worry for their loved ones, but they love the chains that bind them. Their captor is their ‘savior’. North Korea is the closest thing to a dystopian society Earth has to offer right now. It’s closed off from the rest of the world besides a small outlet into China for trade for without that trade it would fall to ruins. The government in Anthem is its parallel.The novel Anthem is a dystopian society written by Ayn Rand. Ayn Rand wrote Anthem to warn Westerners of the danger of collectivism. Nazi, or communist it didn’t matter. She had a philosophy herself of objectivism, ruling oneself on logic, not emotion.The two countries, North Korea and the dystopian society of Anthem are parallel to each other in how their government treats their people, the people’s health and how they deal with new information but there still are differences, what they know, their opportunities, and their government. North Korea and Anthem are the same in the fact the government has brainwashed their people to love the government and accept what’s given to them. Even when Equality is given the job of a street sweeper he’s happy because that’s what the government gave him, “”Street sweeper.”” Equality then goes on to describe his feelings eventually coming to be happy, “so we were happy…” (Rand 26). In North Korea they don’t dictate jobs, but they do control the citizen’s…

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  • Ethnic Group Synthesis Essay

    In examining a nation, culture, or ethnic group, it is important to establish why the study is occurring before deciding how the study unfolds. There are two important reasons to become more aware of a culture. First, as a military leader, it is critical to examine the operational environment in which one operates. Second, being able to cross cultural barriers and grasp the inner workings of another region allows one to remain adaptive, culturally sensitive, and relevant. What is culture?…

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  • Role Of Oppression In North Korea

    The Political and Economic Oppression of North Korean Citizens Freedom of speech is defining aspect of every American’s, life. The american dream is defined through freedom to express what is ideal to a specific individual. While the people of America may take these freedoms for granted, they are sparse in eastern civilizations, specifically North Korea. Limited freedom is nothing new in North Korea, but their sudden prominence has been aided by modern media. A corrupt economy and political…

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  • Lie Sangbong Essay

    The Lie Sang Bong’s way of creating ideas of design (Who is Lie) “Designer Sangbong Lie, who is considered one of the most influential people in Korean fashion and a pioneer of K-fashion in the global fashion arena, started designing in 1980” (Jung 241). What makes Lie one of the best fashion designers in Korea? Firstly, Lie was trained and educated as a fashion designer in his country, Korea. However, although he got a success in his country, he was not satisfied. He planned to go other…

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  • Importance Of The International Summer School At Yonsei University

    The CIEE program that I am going to is the International Summer School at Yonsei University. Yonsei University is a private research university, located in Seoul, South Korea. Established in 1885, it is one of the oldest universities in South Korea and is known as being the one of the top comprehensive international university in Korea. Yonsei University has a spacious and well-wooded campus located minutes away from the economic, political, and cultural center of Seoul 's metropolitan area.…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Experience As A Team Worker

    1. Tell us about yourself. I am a great team worker a hard worker who is passionate about what I do. I grew up in a family of 5, with an older sister and a younger brother; I had many opportunities to work with a team. Thus, I have known the importance of hearing other people’s opinions and sharing responsibilities since I was young. In my high school, I have been involved as a member of S.H.O.W (Students Helping Our World). In the club S.H.O.W, I was always engaged in the conversation. This…

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  • South Korea

    As you can see, of all new democracies, Korea ranked highest among those believing in leftism that is, perhaps troublingly so, sympathetic with the authoritarian communism of the past. This helps us better understand their conclusion when they say “With this leftward shift in ideological identifications, South Korea became one of the most left-wing new democracies in a relatively short period of democratization. More noteworthy than this shift alone is the fact that most South Koreans who…

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  • South Korean Family Research Paper

    In this interview I have found out about an individual’s point of view about family, ethnic experiences and education in South Korea. Seung Joo Lee, 17 years old, a very close friend of mine. She is from South Korea and have been living in the United States since April, 2010. She has two siblings, one older sister who is in college and one younger brother who is in middle school. Seung Joo and her family are like the traditional Koreans you basically know. They are the ones who bow their head…

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  • International Relations Personal Statement Example

    I was eight when I moved to the U.S from Bangladesh. Shortly after I started school, I realized the importance of language. At the time, I knew some English but it was not enough to carry on a conversation. Due to this limitation, I faced hurtful comments and bullying. I realized the necessity of language in social interaction and communication. When I became fluent in English and started making friends, my interaction with my peers changed for the better. I now realize how language can either…

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  • Cultural Identity: South Korea And Grew Up In The United States

    I was born in South Korea and grew up in America. As a person who has dual-citizenship, it is nice to know that I have another home. When I become legal, I will have to choose which country I would like to have citizenship in and that would be a bit challenging. The United States is a place where I would want to continue my education while Korea is where I would like to reside in without having to have a work visa or get married to a native. Korea, my first home, is a country that I always look…

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