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  • Effects Of Corruption In Kosovo

    Corruption is one of the obstacles constraining the economic and social prosperity in Kosovo (Mehmedi, 2012). In corruption funds are diverted from its initial goal and therefore fields like poverty, inequality, economic growth, the health sector, infrastructure and the education sector are affected severly (Abbink, 2012). The distribution of spending that was going to be payed to workers on this fields, tool and technology, new roads and social service are now being placed somewhere else. It has a direct, severe effect on the countries citizens and therefore the prosperity of the society. This creates a mistrust of the government and institutions when the “misuse of office”, which means when the purpose public institutions is not being pursued,…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: My Childhood Growing Up In Albania

    My childhood growing up in Albania involved the disruption of war and the failing of the Albanian government. I was born during the fall of communism in Albania in 1991. I grow up in a country surrounded by the neighboring war and genocide in Kosovo and the former Yugoslavia. I grow up listening to the news of the genocide that was taking place in the neighboring country of Kosovo. I remember seeing images of men, women, and children being killed daily. Thousands of Albanians from Kosovo were…

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  • Analysis Of NKPP

    Consequently, the actual cost to build NKPP could be substantially more than 1 billion euros, and could top 1.35 billion dollars. B. Debt Financing: Interest Rate Costs For the purposes of this report, IEEFA assumes a mid-range construction cost for NKPP of 1.35 billion. Earlier published plans assume a 70 percent debt to 30 percent equity ratio. The Kosovo economic development minister confirmed this capital structure in his recent announcement. IEEFA assumes that the New Kosovo Power Plant…

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  • Airpower Essay

    Operations ODYSSEY DAWN and UNIFIED PROTECTOR were launched in order to protect civilians from the corrupt Gaddafi regime, enforce UN arms embargos, and establish as AEZ over Libya. The AEZ enabled the flow of humanitarian supplies into the country and assisted in containing the violence in the same manner as previously discussed with containment. The threat of a humanitarian crisis, similar to the one in Kosovo, drove the need for an air campaign. This campaign selected specific strategic…

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  • Native American Migration Research Paper

    Europe is called Kosovo. Kosovo is located south of Serbia, and is across the Adriatic Sea from Italy. Nearly all of the people leaving Kosovo is because of poverty and lack of jobs. Six in ten of Kosovo’s young adults cannot find a job. A cafe that used to be open every day is now rarely open because most of the people in that area can’t even afford the 50 cent coffee, and when they are open, they make one pot of coffee last a whole day. Even some people who are working with the government…

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  • Stabilization Of Russia Case Study

    Stabilization of Kosovo through Russian Involvement Every state is motivated by self-interest when it comes to international affairs. Ethical reasoning can come into play when states try to intervene when infractions against human rights occur. The protection of human rights is a basic law a majority of states enforce. However, when a violation of these basic rights is tested the way in which states react is key to understanding the complexity of humanitarian intervention. Humanitarian…

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  • American With Disabilities Act Research Paper

    children whose parents earn too much money to get Medicaid, but couldn’t afford to buy private coverage, insurance. It also made all states provide vaccinations at no cost to the families that qualified for the program. The act helped provided health coverage to millions of children. In February of 1998, there was an armed conflict in Kosovo between the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and the rebel group the Kosovo Liberation Army. The Federal Republic of Yugoslavia had controlled Kosovo before…

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  • The KLA-Serbia Conflict Analysis

    The 1974 Federal Constitution of Yugoslavia granted Kosovo, a small province of Serbia, significant governmental autonomy; for millennia, the Kosovars and Serbs have maintained political and religious animosity, stemming from ethnic differences between the populations and naturally, the Serbian government viewed an autonomous Kosovo as a threat to their sovereignty (Amstutz 22). In 1988, the Serbian government suspended Kosovo’s political autonomy and responded to the formation of the Kosovo…

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  • The Secession In Ukraine

    This set a precedent of allowing parts of countries to secede because of government unrest in the country of Serbia where Yugoslavia and Serbia were at war for ethnic tension between both, and Kosovo tried to leave to escape damage. There needs to be a just reason for secession from a country, or could undermine both sides on the issues so everyone involved is hurt in a way. Secession even though should be up to the people who want to leave, is slowed down by the international community because…

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  • Humanitarian Intervention In Kosovo

    (4) humanitarian intervention (class 12) (25 points) Please explain: (a) the arguments why humanitarian intervention in Kosovo was legitimate under international law; While the U.N. Charter does not say anything about humanitarian intervention, Article 2(4) of the Charter does prohibit “the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state…” (Cited handout) Some feel that this prohibits any type of humanitarian intervention, wherein one state…

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