Effects Of Corruption In Kosovo

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Corruption is one of the obstacles constraining the economic and social prosperity in Kosovo (Mehmedi, 2012). In corruption funds are diverted from its initial goal and therefore fields like poverty, inequality, economic growth, the health sector, infrastructure and the education sector are affected severly (Abbink, 2012). The distribution of spending that was going to be payed to workers on this fields, tool and technology, new roads and social service are now being placed somewhere else. It has a direct, severe effect on the countries citizens and therefore the prosperity of the society. This creates a mistrust of the government and institutions when the “misuse of office”, which means when the purpose public institutions is not being pursued, …show more content…
Thus, the country can fall in to a corruption trap which would depend on a big investment to be able to come out (Abbink, 2012). A survey done by the UNDP says “the corruption has become a brand for Kosovo by Kosovars themselves. It is impossible and it does not have to be like that. There are countries that have high corruption (e.g. Italy), but not such a predominant corruption image” (UNDP, 2012). The arguments why the image of Kosovo is of such can be that corruption scandals attracts more media while successful campaigns to prevent corruption remains invisible. Perceptions may be wrong, but it certainly has a negative influence on the country as it effects the countries reputation and in turn potential …show more content…
However, the failure why the results are minor lies in the implementation for the reason being weak political support. According to EC, the oversight function that the KAA has in the installation of the anti-corruption strategy should be strengthened policies were being or partially being implemented.
Problem definition
Corruption in Kosovo has an immense effect on the prosperity of economic growth and equality. The perception of Kosovo’s neighbouring countries in this matter better and therefore Kosovo loses investors to Bosnia Herzegovina, Macedonia and Serbia. This does not only impact the growth of Kosovo but also the unemployment rate.
The public finances are impacted because of the corruption as the loose some of the distributions to it. Funds that would otherwise be distributed to social welfare are being are being seized and consequently the poverty remains high. Therefore, the general impact corruption has is the proliferation of social exclusion which means that the poor and the small enterprises have a difficult time overcoming the divide corruption has

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