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  • The Importance Of Education In Serbia

    Six-year-old kids would start their adventure with the education system in Serbia. It is required for all the kids to go and educate themselves. Before they go to the school children would have to take different tests, so child psychologist could see if they are ready to go to the school. Elementary school is eight years long in Serbia. First two grades it would be really easy for all the children. They would not have a lot of homework to do whenever they come back from the school. But in the third grade everybody has to take English as a second language. “Research shows that foreign language study improves cognitive abilities, positively influences achievement in other disciplines, and results in higher achievement test scores, especially…

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  • The Genocide In Serbia

    similar to many before it; kill the unwanted minority in order to create a pure race and space for that race to exist. And when it came to the genocide in the Balkans the intention was to create a greater Greater Serbia with a Serbian population. The genocide impacted many individuals in different ways. The way women were…

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  • The KLA-Serbia Conflict Analysis

    The 1974 Federal Constitution of Yugoslavia granted Kosovo, a small province of Serbia, significant governmental autonomy; for millennia, the Kosovars and Serbs have maintained political and religious animosity, stemming from ethnic differences between the populations and naturally, the Serbian government viewed an autonomous Kosovo as a threat to their sovereignty (Amstutz 22). In 1988, the Serbian government suspended Kosovo’s political autonomy and responded to the formation of the Kosovo…

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  • The Sociological Aspects Of Rape And Sexual Assault In Civil War

    beings from apes is not the mental capacity to choose, but it is because we socialize men to not rape. This particular explanation is especially relevant in the context of the Bosnian genocide because the soldiers wanted to “spread their genes” in order to extinguish the Bosnian muslims. Nadler’s explanation ties with Cohen’s explanation (2013) on why certain individual rape during the context of war. According to Cohen it is a way to tie the group together in a brotherhood. After War World II…

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  • Cause Of Nationalism

    attempted to maintain order and peace. The power was put under threat due to the Slavonic peoples hatred of the Austro-Hungarians and wanted themselves to no longer wanted to be part, and wanted to be a separate nation. Archduke was targeted because he was going to continue the persecution of Serbs living within the borders of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The killer was Gavrilo Princip, a Serbian. "Evidence show that Princip had received arms and information from Serbian officials, who directed…

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  • Mark Biondich's The Balkans: Book Analysis

    Even though independence was now spread across the Balkan peninsula, national leaders demanded new lands ruled by its people in the distant past. The Austro-Hungarian’s used the Berlin settlement to extend their influence by forming alliances with Serbia and Romania, as well as already having significant influence in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, and among the Albanians. The Russians were the least satisfied with the terms of the Berlin agreement, focusing most of their support on Bulgaria which…

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  • Reflective Essay For French Revolution

    I immediately thought that I was going to be punished for something. That class lasted an eternity to me. The bell rang and my heart skipped a bit. Everyone left the classroom and I stayed alone with the professor. She started talking about the National French Language Competition… “I want you to represent our school”, she said. I was over the moon. My favorite Professor just asked me to represent the Philological High School at the National French Language Competition! “This is probably the…

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  • Illlyrian Essay

    The Illyrians were an Indo-European people, ancestors of today’s modern Albanians. Their first migration into the area between the Adriatic Sea and Sava River began in the Middle to Late Bronze age circa 2000-1200 BCE (Ceka, 2005:33; Harding, 1992:17; Srejovic, 1998:14; Stallo, 2007:7; Stipčević, 1977; Wilkes, 1992:37-39). As the Illyrian population grew, their territory covered the western Balkans between the Middle Danube valley and the Adriatic Sea (Harding, 1992; Wilkes, 1992:92). Today…

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  • Macedonia History

    I. HISTORY OF THE CULTURE A country located in the Balkan Peninsula in Southeast Europe, Macedonia is a nation with roots that run deep in history. “Macedonia” is the oldest surviving name of a country in Europe. The Historic Macedonia was governed by the Roman Empire, by the Byzantine Empire, and by Turkey. In 1878, the Treaty of Stefano granted possession of the largest part of Macedonia to Bulgaria. However, Bulgaria was defeated by the Greece and Serbia in the Second Balkan War of 1913 and…

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  • Effects Of Corruption In Kosovo

    However, the failure why the results are minor lies in the implementation for the reason being weak political support. According to EC, the oversight function that the KAA has in the installation of the anti-corruption strategy should be strengthened policies were being or partially being implemented. Problem definition Corruption in Kosovo has an immense effect on the prosperity of economic growth and equality. The perception of Kosovo’s neighbouring countries in this matter better and…

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