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  • Sergeant Major Tom Crane's Steps To Heaven

    Sergeant Major Tom Crane is a soldier that polices other soldiers; he works in the Special Investigations Branch as a detective. He is a hard hitting, persistent, hard man, and brash; overall, he is not very nice to anyone, even those on his side of the law. On his cases, he is assisted by his staff Billy and Kim. The series is an English thriller and police procedural; there are also short stories that are part of the series. It is also self-published by Wendy Cartmell, the author of the series. The series has made its way to the number one spot on Amazon's bestseller list. "Steps to Heaven" is the first book in the "Sgt Major Crane" series by Wendy Cartmell. Sergeant Major Crane thought he had seen every crime that had ever been committed (either in war time or peace time), but case comes to him that he is not prepared for. It is a case of a veteran of Afghanistan has murdered his six year old son and wife and then killed himself. Crane works with two other police departments in two different towns. Not long after, similar double murder suicides happen around the country, and it is Crane's job to figure out the connection. He finds something at a crime scene that was previously missed, that ties everything, all the cases that were thought to be separate together. Fans of the novel liked the way the author keeps the reader wondering…

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  • Perfection In A Military Organization

    No organization is perfect whether it’s the military or a civilian organization. Perfection is what we strive for. There will always deficiencies that one always complains about and say that if they were in charge they will do it differently. Sometimes though that’s just not possible but at times it may be. I myself am currently working as the Executive Officer of a Maintenance Company and these are a few of the issues that I have seen and noticed at my position that I would recommend changing…

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  • Command Sergeant Major Leadership Style

    All good leaders in the Military have a mentor or leader that possess certain core competencies that influence the way they lead others. In this paper, I will describe how Command Sergeant Major (CSM) Michael Evans’ leadership style influenced me as a senior Noncommissioned Officer (NCO) and how I apply these to the way I lead and interact with soldiers. Additionally, at the end of the conclusion I will outline how I want to be remembered, my legacy, when I leave the United States Army. I…

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  • Leader Of Influence Essay

    and/or organization. Legacy Leaders are considered to be “Leaders of Influence” because they create an environment conducive for developing others through professional and personal growth; they build team cohesiveness through trust; and they produce effective leaders and professionals who are capable of getting results and accomplishing the mission. I’ve chosen the individual below as my “Leader of Influence” due to the impact this individual has had on the Army and NCO Corp, as well as the…

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  • Brigade Combat Team Essay

    physically tough, mastering fundamentals, and doing the right thing through a foundation of trust based on teamwork, communication, discipline, and fitness. As the brigade commander, I know it is critical that my vision is nested in that of my higher command to ensure we are meeting the Commanding General’s intent. It is also important that the vision, and the accompanying strategy to implement the vision, be imaginable, desirable, feasible, focused, flexible and communicable. In…

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  • Mutual Trust In The Army

    Trust is the groundwork for any successful team. Just as the commander will learn to trust me, I in return will have to trust my commander. As a Command Sergeant Major (CSM) or Staff Sergeant Major (SGM), I realize that my Soldiers will not trust me right away, and I must gain their mutual trust through my daily interactions. Setting good examples and living the Army Values will assist in building mutual trust. My commander and I will plan team-building events often to maximize opportunities…

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  • The Role Of Warrant Officers In Special Forces

    Warrant Officers within Special Forces are looked to for their high level of experience by commanders and Sergeants Major alike. More often than not, within our formation, warrant officers are viewed and employed by commanders and sergeants Major as part of the command team. Company and Battalion Warrant Officers should absolutely be part of the command team because they already are! Time spent as both a company and battalion operations warrant officers, in conjunction with the nominative…

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  • Essay On Punctuality

    responsible for the training of new troops, but actual instructions were given by the best obtained sergeants. In 1779, Baron von Steuben wrote “Regulations for the Order and Discipline of the Troops of the United States which was bound in blue paper which gave it the nickname the Blue Book. Baron von Steuben died in 1794 of an unknown illness while living in Pennsylvania. The Blue Book’s guidelines on personnel management took the place of the British model of class and station. Baron von…

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  • The History And Importance Of The Non-Commissioned Officer

    well known as the Blue Book, helped standardize the Non-Commissioned Officers responsibilities and duties for corporals all the way up the ranks to Sergeant Major. In his book von Steuben wanted the American Non-Commissioned Officer to truly buy into the ideals he had set forth. While some of his ideals he had set forth emphasized non-commissioned officers training soldiers in the ways of marksmanship because of the more accurate rifles they had over their enemies the British, while other…

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  • Battle For Mother America Analysis

    The first impression that is made at a new unit or duty assignment is one of the most stressful and longest days in the military. It is an entire day where everybody sizes you up from the top of your hair to the dirt underneath your boots. They may offer you a handshake and ask how you are are or not even give you the time of day. This is something every soldier faces no matter the rank. In Robert Tonsetic’s case he was greeted by a private first class. The private greeted Captain Tonsetic…

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