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  • Non Commissioned Officer Essay

    Non-Commissioned Officers are the backbone of the Marine Corps. They are the vital link in ensuring Marines under their charge are trained, and exceed proficiency in the occupational specialty. Marine non-commissioned officers provide and assist their Marines in professional development, they enforce the physical and mental standards in junior Marines through small unit leadership. Non-Commissioned Officers are responsible for their men and their actions, and the Marine non-commissioned officer is a catalyst in ensuring mission accomplishment in the Marine Corps. Marine Corps non-commissioned officers are the vital link in ensuring Marines under their charge are trained, and exceed proficiency in their occupational specialty. Even though a Marine may have just got out of MOS school, it does not mean that said Marine…

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  • My Personal Experience As A Non Commissioned Officer

    My personal experience as a Non Commissioned Officer in the military and my growth as a Non Commission Officer started on 25 March 1988. It all started with my lifelong dream of being a Soldier. My next-door neighbor was a Sergeant in the Army and every day when he got home, I would sit and chat with him, I was no older than eight years old. I remembered him saying, “Curtis, I can tell you will join the service in ten years from now because every day you produce different questions regarding…

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  • The History And Importance Of The Non-Commissioned Officer

    History and Importance of the Army’s Non Commissioned Officer. It is no small wonder for the Non-Commissioned Officer to be known as the backbone of the United States Army, a phrase coined by Rudyard Kipling. As we know the Non-Commissioned Army in todays military is but a mere remnant of what the NCO original was. The Non-Commissioned Officer existed during the European Hundred Years’ War, who at the time, were almost all upper ranks of European society, surprisingly. At the time, though,…

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  • Essay On Punctuality

    he Importance of Punctuality as a Non Commissioned Officer In this paper I will cover the importance of punctuality as a Non Commissioned Officer and all that a Non Commissioned Officer job entails. I will also cover the history as an Non Commissioned Officer, the Military Police Corps, and how we became one of the Most Disciplined military. It is all Non Commissioned Officers job to set the standard and lead by example, punctuality is a big part of that. The Army is a profession that depends…

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  • Case Study Of A TA Platoon Section Sergeant

    overall indication of your less than acceptable fitness level/standards. Your ability to pass the APFT is of great concern to me for many reasons. First, presents an unprofessional appearance and lacks military bearing. These actions are unacceptable from your own Soldier and they are most certainly unacceptable from a Non- Commissioned officer. As a Non- Commissioned Officer you always need to maintain an impeccable military appearance and…

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  • Characteristics Of The Army Profession

    the Army profession demonstrate these characteristics every day to the public by defending the nation and protecting their freedom. The civilian population relies on professions to perform specific services, whether it be academic (teachers, professors), medical (doctors, dentists, veterinarians, psychologists), legal (lawyers, judges), public service (police, firefighters, military). Most professions use a test or evaluation to ensure the level of proficiency or commitment before granting…

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  • Philosophy Of Servant Leadership

    Through this simple, yet profound, oath we enter into a complex bond of servitude which defines the entirety of our careers. As we move up from Soldiers to Non-commissioned officers, creeds and doctrine further supplement our oath and reinforce this bond. Specifically, the Creed of the Non-Commissioned Officer outlines the role we fill as servant leaders. We spurn our own self-interest; we seek no individual credit, we seek no aggrandizement. The traditional marks of success: money, glory,…

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  • NCOA Reflective Report

    Before I came to Kisling Non-Commissioned Officer Academy (NCOA), I thought of myself as a good leader with certain traits and aspects. I believe that if I take care of my airmen, that they’ll take care of me by completing work orders, squadron objectives, or any future events without question. It wasn’t until I attended NCOA, that I was able to put concept names to the leadership traits that I had. For example, I would put aside my self-interest for the good of the work center because I…

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  • Importance Of Authoritarian Leadership In The Military

    Egalitarianism is believing in the principle that everyone deserves equal rights and opportunities. In this paper, we will discuss egalitarianism, its definition, its importance to the future leaders of the modern Soldier, and its importance to the missions of the 21st century. Instant willing obedience to orders will always be a necessity in the military, but the leaders of tomorrow both Non-Commissioned Officers and Officers must also be able to demonstrate their care and concern for Soldiers…

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  • MSG Amy Hauver: My Legacy Leader

    I selected MSG Amy Hauver as my legacy leader. In the brief two year period that I have been her subordinate, I have learned the art of intervention, the real meaning of what it is to be resilient and why it is so important for a Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) to have an open mind and compassion. In her military career, she has stood out before her peers, seniors and subordinates. Rising through the ranks with her hard work ethic and dedication to military service. Taking on the most…

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