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  • NCOA Reflective Report

    Before I came to Kisling Non-Commissioned Officer Academy (NCOA), I thought of myself as a good leader with certain traits and aspects. I believe that if I take care of my airmen, that they’ll take care of me by completing work orders, squadron objectives, or any future events without question. It wasn’t until I attended NCOA, that I was able to put concept names to the leadership traits that I had. For example, I would put aside my self-interest for the good of the work center because I…

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  • Importance Of Authoritarian Leadership In The Military

    definition, its importance to the future leaders of the modern Soldier, and its importance to the missions of the 21st century. Instant willing obedience to orders will always be a necessity in the military, but the leaders of tomorrow both Non-Commissioned Officers and Officers must also be able to demonstrate their care and concern for Soldiers as well as their respect for individuals. The modern military leader must be able to move fluidly between the authoritarian and egalitarian leadership…

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  • Mental Toughness In The US Navy

    Warrant Officer which go from an Officer to a Gunner. Then last there is the Commission Officer which goes from 2nd liniment to a General Commandant. As with the Corps the same applies with other other branches when ranking up you are moving along in your jobs and advancing to the next position your bettering…

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  • Difference Between Direct And Organizational Leadership

    Direct Leadership Versus Organizational Leadership The United States Army defines leadership as "the process of influencing people by providing purpose, direction, and motivation to accomplish the mission and improve the organization" (Department of the Army, p. 1). While all levels of Army leadership are interconnected there are various levels of leadership recognized within the Army. The three tiers of leadership are direct, organizational, and strategic. In this paper, I will describe…

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  • MSG Amy Hauver: My Legacy Leader

    I selected MSG Amy Hauver as my legacy leader. In the brief two year period that I have been her subordinate, I have learned the art of intervention, the real meaning of what it is to be resilient and why it is so important for a Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) to have an open mind and compassion. In her military career, she has stood out before her peers, seniors and subordinates. Rising through the ranks with her hard work ethic and dedication to military service. Taking on the most…

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  • Role Of Human Resource Sergeant In The Army

    Sergeant would fall under. The Army Writer lists the duties of a Human Resource Sergeant include, but are not limited to, providing administrative support to staff, maintain soldier’s personnel records, medical records, and process Non Commissioned Officer Evaluation Report…

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  • Reflective Essay: The Crucible Experience

    CPT Samuel O. Fadare III L200 Essay-Crucible Experience Granting someone the ability to gain insight into the complexities of a singular moment in time that was a key transformational experience takes courage especially if that event was associated with weakness or failure. On the flipside however, is the opportunity to overcome those fears of exposure by being open and candid with oneself, with hopes that something from the experience can be analyzed and used to not only gain self-awareness…

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  • Individual Leadership Philosophy: United States Army

    Individual Leadership Philosophy Paper SSG Hassoon, Ali SGL SSG Apayo, Anthony My leadership philosophy stem from combination of personal values and beliefs, life experience, and military encounters. I believe every serving member in the military brings in a unique prospective and a unique talent that makes our military the best in the world, and in order to manage and lead that talent you ought a have an open minded leader that can listen to others and takes all opinions in…

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  • MSG Howard Character Analysis

    Over the last ten years I have had many influential leaders give me guidance and mentorship that directly affected my ability to be a strong Noncommissioned Officer. MSG Howard is one of those leaders that epitomizes my image of what an Army Leader is supposed to reflect. His superior ability to bring a team together and draw out their individual strengths has always driven me to mimic his example. MSG Howard challenged us to be the best and taught us how to expect the best from our Soldiers.…

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  • Army Physical Fitness Paper

    This paper focuses on obesity and physical fitness in the United States Army. The corps of Non-Commissioned Officers is entirely responsible for maintaining the fitness of their Soldiers and currently they are failing their Soldiers and the Army. Obesity is on the rise in the U.S. Army and something needs to change. Topics such as removal of fast food chains from Army posts and education about personal health and fitness are some of the areas discussed in this paper. Obesity and Physical…

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