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  • Identity Crisis In Jhumpalahiri's The Namesake

    The identity crisis in this novel is indeed emphasized in the title, the Namesake. Changing name here is quite important for Gogol in seeking his true identity, since name symbolizes how he sees himself and how he wants to be seen by others. Later, Gogol changes his name to Nikhil, since he feels it reflects his dual identity, both being Indian and also American, better. Nikhil is indeed a Bengali name but it can also be shortened to an American nickname, Nick. Therefore, it is a hybrid name in which it will be easier for him to deal better with his dual…

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  • The Namesake Analysis

    The Namesake, by Jhumpa Lahiri, follows the life of the Ganguli family and their assimilation into America and their struggles with raising their children in a new and vastly different culture. Gogol, the main character, was born in America by two Bengali parents, Ashoke and Ashima. Throughout the novel, Gogol struggles with developing his sense of self as he dealt with a clash of Bengali culture at home and American culture in public. His parents were staunch supporters of maintaining the…

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  • Light Of India By Octavio Vega Analysis

    ancient civilization is a reality that encompasses and permeates all aspects of life” (pg. 80). That being said, Paz illuminates many homogenous characteristics of practice and customs found in Mexico and India. For example, in terms of sustenance, chilies are present in both Mexican and Indian dishes,…

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  • Indian Culture And Diversity

    Slowly, both the Indian, as well as foreign companies, were started adopting the work culture of each other (Prasad, 2012). Consequently, Prasad (2012) suggested that the condition is making a balance between Indian and foreign work cultures, even though it is forcing the government to make changes in the labor legislations accordingly for the inclusion of more diversified workforce and culture. In summary, we could see that the values of acknowledging the diversity in religion, ethnicity, and…

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  • Salem Witch Trials: The Salem Witch Trials Of 1692

    The Salem witch trials were the first and only witch hunt to result in numerous deaths and rely mainly on spectral evidence. Most importantly, Salem did not follow the standard set by previous possessions: to keep the accusations made by the possessed inside the household. The accusations were used for selfish and greedy reasons. Salem Village was dealing with land disputes within the village and trying to gain independence from Salem Town in 1692. Some of Salem’s residents moved from Maine due…

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  • English Language: Textual Analysis

    southern part of India . She comes to Australia with her family are a son, his wife and two kids. All they live together in Brisbane sinus November 2014 as a permeant resident .Her son working as civil engineers in a big company and he is looking after his mother and family .also she learns English in Southbank TAFE but she complains of lower back pain and she using pain killer. Language : My student told me she speck Tamil many people living in India also write in Devanagari script. In…

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  • Importance Of Fdi In India

    After Second World War, Japanese companies entered Indian market and enhanced their trade with India, yet U.K. remained the most dominant investor in India. Capital penetration in India started with the establishment of Portuguese factory in the year 1500 at Calicut. The British East India Company was then founded in 1599, followed by Dutch East India Company in 1602 and French companies in 1614. Foreign enterprises found it convenient to export products to India. Local entrepreneurs, set-up…

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  • William Cronon Changes In The Land Summary

    there was a change from Indian authority to European authority. It uses both the ecologist and historian tools to construct an analysis of the way the people and the land influenced each other, and the way the complex network of relationships created the communities of New England. In his book’s thesis, in page xv, he states that, “the change from Indian authority to the European authority in New England resulted in many significant changes that are known well by historians regarding the ways…

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  • The Importance Of Civil Rights In Corporate America

    opportunities, dreams, religious freedoms and the home of the free. The belief is that any person can achieve the ‘American Dream’ as long as the person works smart, gets educated and follows our laws. While this sounds appealing, it may not be the case that every immigrant has the chance at the American dream simply due to their race, nationality,…

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  • Cultural Appropriation Of Yoga

    “Taking intellectual property, traditional knowledge, cultural expressions, or artifacts from someone else’s culture without permission….” (qtd. in Nittle 1). According to the article, cultural appropriation in the United States almost always involves members of the dominant culture “borrowing” from the minority groups. “Borrowing” from minority groups is key in cultural appropriation because it robs the minority groups in which the majority “borrowed” from of the credit they deserve. What…

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