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  • Republic Of India Case Study

    Policies dividing states already troubled by discrimination and gross systemic inequality are perplexing and illogical, more so in countries already plagued by multiple types of division. A special case of this type of rule is the Republic of India, in which the country is divided politically as the cause of different regions taking on different identities through the recognition of multiple languages as being national. This has led to many regions institutionally standardizing different languages of their own community, leading to over twenty-five being at least regionally accepted as official. Yet above all national recognitions in India, the English and Hindi languages are the only ones used by the Republic’s government. With Hindi being…

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  • English Language: Textual Analysis

    My student Revathy 's 62 years old from the southern part of India . She comes to Australia with her family are a son, his wife and two kids. All they live together in Brisbane sinus November 2014 as a permeant resident .Her son working as civil engineers in a big company and he is looking after his mother and family .also she learns English in Southbank TAFE but she complains of lower back pain and she using pain killer. Language : My student told me she speck Tamil many people living…

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  • Bodo Language Essay

    1.1: INTRODUCTION Bodo is one of the famous languages of North-East India. It is the major language of the Bodo group of the Indo-Mongoloid family which fall within the Assam-Burmese section and is spoken by Bodo people of North-Eastern India. The Bodo language is amongst the official languages of the Indian state of Assam and it is one of the 22 languages which has been recognized by eighth schedule of the Indian Constitution. 1.2:LINGUISTIC CLASSIFICATION The Bodo language belonging to the…

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  • Comparing Greek And Hindu Myths

    beaten by the racist group and this made her think of breaking the rules laid for the mistresses. The racial consciousness makes the immigrants to think of homelessness that is presented in this novel. Sansam says about this novel, “Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni explores India and America as two different worlds epitomizing of different cultures and for the two immigrants Indian, new life in America was like being thrown into the sea even before learning how to swim.” Tilo gradually turns out to be…

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  • Analysis Of Hindi Indic Input

    'i' vowel followed by reph, creates 'ee' vowel. 'a' vowel followed by 'aa' matra creates 'aa' vowel. 'aa' vowel followed by 'ei' matra, creates 'au' vowel. 'a' vowel followed by 'O' matra, creates 'O' vowel. कक + reph = कक प िन्क + reph = िन्क प इ + reph = ई अ + ाा = आ आ +ा=औ आ + ाॅ = ऑ िा + क = कक 'i' matra is typed ahead of consonant or conjunct. िा + म + क = िमक िा + न् + त्र = िन्त्र To type Roman Numerals (Numbers), use the Numpad Keys of the Keyboard with Caps Lock Key ON To type…

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  • Kendriya Hindi Sasthan Case Study

    Kendriya Hindi Sansthan 2018 Admission Application Form, Notification, Syllabus, Pattern, How to Apply Kendriya Hindi Sansthan 2018 Kendriya Hindi Sansthan is also known as Central Institute of Hindi. The institute is under The Department of Human Resource, India. The Institute works in teaching, training and International representation of Hindi language. It has eight regional centers in India. These are Delhi (estd. 1970), Hyderabad (estd. 1976), Guwahati (estd: 1978), Shillong (estd.…

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  • Analysis: Newton (Amit V Masurkar, Hindi '

    10. Newton (Amit V Masurkar, Hindi) India's official entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 90th Academy Awards, "Newton" shows that following rules exactly as they are; almost impossible in India and most people already accept that idea. The election duty of the titular character in a Maoist infested jungle sets the stage for the film. The show off in front of the media, especially the foreign ones is staged exactly targeting them. Through so many subtle commentaries and some straight…

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  • English In Bollywood Case Study

    than Hindi medium schools. Furthermore, English has been widely spoken by middle or upper class. In the 20th and 21st century, Globalization’s increasingly unfettered flow of information, technology, capital, goods, services and people has helped spread opportunity and influence far and wide and English as a global language provided unprecedented opportunities to India’s economy. Therefore,…

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  • Importance Of Inter-Lingual Homophone Retribility In English Bilinguals

    different meanings. An example is /more/ which means “peacock” in Hindi and pronounced as “more” in English. Bilingualism is commonly defined as the use of at least two languages by an individual (ASHA, 2004). It is a fluctuating system in children and adults whereby use of and proficiency in two languages may change depending on the opportunities to use the languages and exposure to other users of the languages. It is a dynamic and fluid process across…

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  • Importance Of Swachh Bharat Essay

    had enough of India-stupid. One of the perpetual debates in our society is the importance of Hindi versus English. At a broader level, it can be extended to any vernacular language versus English debate, and how we risk losing our local languages to English. It is a politically charged issue, with each government trying to show greater allegiance to Hindi than the other. Consequently, you have the ‘promote Hindi’ drives, with government offices mandatorily issuing all circulars in Hindi and…

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