Hip fracture

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  • Hip Fracture Essay

    Proximal femoral fracture (PFF) is a major cause of morbidity and mortality in the elderly population (Khasragi, Christmas, Meers, & Wenz, 2005). Referred to as a ‘hip fracture’ in laypersons terms, PFF occurs in the “region between the femoral head and 5 centrimeters below the lesser trochanter” (National Clinical Guideline Center [NCGC], 2011, p. 6). In industrialised countries, the mean age of people sustaining hip fracture is 80 years old, demonstrating hip fracture is predominantly a phenomenon of later life, and 80% are female (Handoll, Camerson, Mak, & Finnegan, 2009). An estimated 1.26 million hip fractures occurred in adults in 1990. With the projected increase in population over 65 years of age, predictions range from 7.3, to 21.3…

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  • Hip Fractures Case Study

    HuHip Fractures Population at Greatest Risk for Hip Fractures Population at greatest risk for hip fractures is older people with osteoporosis, especially white women. The elderly have weaker bone due to osteoporosis and they are more likely to fall due to conditions such as neurological impairment, impaired vision, poor balance, side effects from medications, institutional living, physical inactivity, and difficulty maneuvering around environmental hazards. After a hip fracture, many are…

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  • Hip Fracture Research Paper

    Hip Fractures? Give me a Break! Hip fracture is one of the most common broken bones in the elderly population. Over 300,000 patients older than 65 are admitted to the hospital every year due to hip fracture. Age and gender play a major role in the risk for this injury. Women are more likely to suffer from a hip fracture than males due to osteoporosis a disease that weakens bones and makes them more brittle. 1 in 5 women will be affected by hip fracture by the age of 80. (Lewis, Dirksen,…

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  • Osteoporosis Case Studies

    Osteoporosis Osteoporosis is the gradual process in which the bones become brittle and fragile from loss of tissue. They become less dense as tissue is lost and become weak and more prone to fractures. This may be due to a variety of factors and usually occurs during old age. Women are more susceptible to the development of osteoporosis. Women are more susceptible to developing osteoporosis, women are four times more likely to develop osteoporosis in their lifetime. Causes: Low oestrogen in…

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  • The Cause Of Osteoporosis

    female. Researches show that eighty percent of the people who have osteoporosis are women. It is estimated that each year there are over 1.5 million fractures resulting from osteoporosis. The cost…

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  • Effects Of Osteoporosis On Women

    One in every two women and one in every five men are at risk of suffering from osteoporosis fracture during their lifetime. According to the site Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention, osteoporosis is a medical condition in which bones become weak and brittle (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC], 2015). Most fractures are seen in the hip, forearm/wrist, and spine which can have a variety of harmful effects. These effects are chronic pain and disability, loss of independence,…

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  • Bone Metastasis Research Paper

    Bone Metastasis Bone metastasis is cancer that spreads to the bones from another part of the body. A person may have bone metastasis in one bone or in more than one bone. Cancer that spreads to the bones is different from cancer that starts in the bones (primary bone cancer). Bone metastasis is more common than primary bone cancer. The spine is the most common area for bone metastasis. Other common areas include the: • Hip bone (pelvis). • Ribs. • Skull. • Long bones of the arm or…

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  • Osteopenia Research Paper

    Osteopenia disease is a bone condition in which is characterized by a low density of bones, in which leads to bone weakening and an increased risk of breaking a bone (fracture). Osteopenia and osteoporosis are two related conditions. As saying this the difference between osteopenia and osteoporosis is that in osteopenia the bone loss is not as severe as the osteoporosis disease. This means that someone with osteopenia is more likely to fracture their bone than someone with a normal bone density,…

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  • Causes Of Osteoporosis

    everyday activities. Our bones specifically are unique in nature; they reconstruct themselves in a process where cells called osteoblasts regulate bone formation while another pair of cells called osteoclasts regulate resorption of minerals such as calcium and vitamin D. Deterioration of the skeleton is due to enlarged bone weakening by osteoclasts and decreased bone development by osteoblasts, resulting as the diseases known as Osteoporosis. Osteoporosis affects millions of people and causes…

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  • Why Is Osteoporosis Important

    Walaa Awad Dr. Naser Multidisciplinary Approach to Health 8 Osteoporosis is a disease affecting the skeletal system, characterized by low bone mass density, leading to bone fragility and increased risk of fractures. The World Health Organization (WHO) has defined osteoporosis in terms of bone mass that is more than 2.5 SD below the mean for peak bone mass in healthy young adults. In the United States, the number of people age 65 and older is expected to rise from 35 to 86 million between 2000…

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