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  • The Symbolism Of Sat Dharam

    Although, a detailed and comprehensive analysis of the definition of the word dharam or dharma is not within the scope of this work, a brief exploration of the meaning of this word, in conjunction with the meaning of Islam and the Arabic word for religion, dīn, is fitting and…

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  • Essay Compare And Contrast Buddha And Siddhartha

    This is because of the fact that the ways of enlightenment were different for each. After achieving enlightenment, “Buddha traveled, preaching the Dharma in an effort to lead others to and along the path of enlightenment. When he died, it is said that he told his disciples that they should follow no leader” (Hesse 127). The idea was that everyone’s path is their own and simply following a leader who has already achieved enlightenment does not guarantee one’s own path. It is that everyone has…

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  • Comparing Greek And Hindu Myths

    Unity in diversity’ is the motto of our nation. India is a diversified country with many languages with many cultures and the people also different from one state to another. India’s is called as ‘Hindustan’ as it was full of Hindus once upon a time. Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni employs myth in her novels to show the people how culture, tradition, religion and ecology play an important role in the lives of man. Myths are the stories that are based on tradition, culture and religion. They are not…

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  • The Ramayana And The Role Of Dharma

    Ramayana Paper Hinduism dates back to 2000 B.C.E, where its roots where established in India. Hinduism does not necessarily have a time of origin or founder, but is referred to as timeless, known to have always existed (“Library”). It consists of a compilation of sacred texts known as Santana Dharma, also referred to as “The eternal teaching” (“Library”). In the Indian religion of Hinduism, an extremely important term known as Dharma refers to the moral order of the universe and a code of…

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  • Embodiment Of Dharma In Ramayana

    Ramayana gives examples of upstanding characters who are exemplary models remaining faithful to one’s dharma. This story essentially gives those reading it a template to follow in order to become good people. This notion of keeping faithful to one’s dharma is a means of sustaining peace in a society. Striving to be faithful to one’s dharma means striving to live a fully good life, caring for other people, being selfless, etc. Theoretically, if everyone strove to live in this way, peace would be…

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  • The Dharma, And Irreligious Acts Of Maharaj

    Once in Lal Mahal, Tukoba was engaged in Kirtan and Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj came to listen to him. At that time two thousand Pathans had come to kill him. But all the pathans were confused as they came to seemany Shivajis at that place. They returned empty-handed. Jijabai also used to believe in Tukaram. In this way, Tukaram prepared many brave warkaries. By quoting thisin his Kirtana, Gadge Baba carved a place in the heart of the people. XVI Sacred Duties(Dharma) and…

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  • Summary Of Shiv Subramaniam's Dharma

    In “Dharma”, we are introduced to Major General Jehangir Antia or Jago Antia, a man “Famous for his stare, for the cold blackness of his anger, for his tactical skill and his ability to read ground, his whole career from the gold medal at Kharak vasla to the combat and medals in Leh and NEFA” (1997:5), but with a missing leg. He was forced to save his life through a terrible act of self- mutilation: SHAKTHI Subramaniam’s second story is titled “Shakti”, the basic premise of which seems to be,…

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  • Rama And Dharma Research Paper

    their dharma. Dharma is the responsibility that one has for society, and one of your…

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  • Hinduism Relationship Between People And Dharma

    Hinduism believe in the relationship between people and Dharma. A place that we call our world is the ‘conventional world’, where we experience and observe different phenomena; interact and encounter different objects through our senses. This is the reality we easily understand because we can sense it. Objects and ourselves are carried through by the senses. Touching, seeing and feeling prove its existence. However, these senses have the potential to develop anger and desire, which can lead us…

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  • The Concepts Of Dharma And Karma And The Caste System In Hinduism

    Hinduism, the concepts of dharma and karma are essential components of the religion, and they are invariably interlinked, both with each other, and the structure of the Hindu community, known as the Caste System. The term dharma is problematic in translation, with a range of suggestions such as ‘law,’ ‘duty,’ and ‘religion’ (Flood, G. 2004, p.52). The term, in short, refers to ritual and moral behaviours which are necessary to uphold to maintain cosmic order, or rta. (Flood, G. 2004, p.53;…

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