Diabetic retinopathy

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  • Diabetic Retinopathy Paper

    How to Reduce the Incidences of Diabetic Retinopathy The issue that was being researched was reducing diabetic retinopathy through controlling blood sugars, medication compliance, and regular eye exams. Educating diabetic patients on the importance of taking care of their diabetes is a crucial part in the process to prevent long term effects of diabetic retinopathy. The population being researched is adults 18 to 75 years of age, with Type 1 diabetes (T1D) and Type 2 diabetes (T2D). Patients had to get one eye exam, A1C tests, and an influenza vaccination that year. The intervention is the group of diabetic patients that were treated had to undergo an educational program to learn the proper way to manage their diabetes and the benefits that…

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  • Research Report : Quantitative Randomized Controlled Trial ( Rct )

    history, basic patient information, and list of medications currently being taken. Next, both groups will take a survey to see what they already know and do not know about diabetes and management. Then the intervention group will start to implement the new ways to care for their diabetes, which they will be closely monitored in an inpatient facility. This study will take one year to complete to ensure that the participants do intake, educational program, receive and implement treatment plan, do…

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  • Diabetic Evaluation Methods

    Methods Evaluating the effectiveness of a proposed solution assesses the extent of program objectives being met, which demonstrates the changes in knowledge, attitude, skills, perception and behavior of the nursing professionals regarding diabetes mellitus, and changes in the health status of diabetic patients in a nursing home (Julia, Jacobs, Jones, Gabella, Spring & Brownson, 2012). All the four types of evaluation methods will be used to achieve the project objectives. Firstly, a formative…

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  • The Complications And Management Of Diabetes

    Diabetes is a disease that affects a roughly 1.25 million Americans. The number of American’s with diabetes continues to expand with roughly 1.7 million new Americans being diagnosed each year. Roughly twenty-five percent of the 1.7 million newly diagnosed diabetics every year are people over the age of sixty-five (diabetics.org, 2014). Over the next fifteen years, as the baby boomer generation begins reaching the age of sixty-five and older, the percentage of elderly diagnosed diabetics will…

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  • Erickson Developmental Theory

    hours shift. Clean the wound and apply dressing as order. Dressings should be change according to the doctor’s order to avoid any skin breakdown (Perry & Potter, 2014, 442). Use of the foot pump to increase circulation and maintain pressure. Foot pumps help to stimulate the circulation of the leg as if the patient were walking normal. Administrating pain medication prior to dressing changes as needed. Pain medication should be given 30 minutes before any procedure and before the inset…

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  • Causes Of Diabetic Foot Ulcers

    Introduction Diabetic foot ulcers are rated as one of the principal causes of diabetes mellitus hospitalization in the US and worldwide. Diabetic foot disease causes complications which account for huge medical expenses. For instance, in the UK, it is reported that NHS spends five million pounds annually on diabetes foot ulcers. Studies show that 100 patients lose their lower limb of their foot as a result of diabetic foot disorders (Nicholas, 2013). Diabetic foot ulcers result into amputations.…

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  • Knowledge, Attitudes And Practices Among Diabetic Patients

    and practices (KAP) among diabetic patients. In any given community, the first important thing is to assess what people know about certain things, their feelings towards it and also their behaviours so that we can start the process of creating awareness among the people. In order to facilitate a more efficient process of health information for behavioural change it is important to understand the levels of Knowledge, Attitude and Practices providing information necessary to tailor the program…

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  • Sensory Impairment In Older Adults

    conditions include macular degeneration, cataracts, glaucoma, and diabetic retinopathy. These visual impairments can lead to a need for assistive devices depending on the severity of the disorder or disease. The study was done to pinpoint the causes of visual impairment among adults, whether from a condition or natural aging, in order to provide safer more effective care. In the American…

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  • Six Aims Of Quality Improvement In Diabetes Management

    Continuous glucose monitoring using glycated hemoglobin (HbA1C), 2. Statin therapy, 3. Annual urine albumin screening, 4. Annual eye exam (NQMC, 2015). These four clinical quality measures are among nine process measures recognized by (NQMC), and currently used as evaluation criteria to assess the quality of care provided to the diabetic population by primary care…

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  • A1c Test Benefits

    glucose levels at the time they have taken test. A1C testing was developed to help patients monitor their diabetes. In order to explain the how much more significant an A1C test is in comparison with the other test that are mentioned in this report it is also important to explain what the results from an A1C test allows diabetic patients to monitors. Having test like the A1C test done is only part of monitoring a patient’s diabetes. The…

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