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  • Mahabharat Film Analysis

    omit and change up the scenes in the text when doing an adaptation of the book, this was not true for this case. The Hindu beliefs of atman and dharma were successfully and effectively communicated in this specific film episode. Both the film episode and the beginning of the Bhagavad Gita text shed light upon the concepts of atman (an eternal self) and dharma…

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  • Hindu Religion Essay

    The ideas that the Dharma have are in line with the rta, which is the order that makes sure that the universe and life. It includes the rights, laws, duties, conduct, virtues, and the proper way of living. In order to fulfill the Dharma, a person would have to follow religious duties, do what is morally right, and complete the duties one is given through their class. Basically, Dharma is something that every living thing must follow in order to maintain…

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  • Role Of Peace In Hinduism

    for both the Hindu practices of dharma, ahimsa, and moksha; as well as the Christian practices of discipleship, forgiveness, and heaven. “We can never obtain peace…

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  • How Did Ashoka Influence The Mauryan Empire

    Emperor Ashoka of the Mauryan Empire ruled like no other. Ashoka Maurya built the largest empire in Indian history, paved the road for Buddhism’s entrance as a major world religion, and strengthened the Silk Roads for trade.[1] Many people believe that he ruled tyrannically, like a despot who enjoyed bloodshed and war, such as those accounts translated by Dr. Pradip Bhattacharya. Even though Ashoka admitted to his poor leadership skills in the beginning, he went through a spiritual revival that…

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  • Reflection On The Autumn Festival At The New York Buddhist Church

    received from the readings and from the information that was shared with me from the Buddhists there was to follow Buddha Dharma. In other cultures, this law may be called Logos, the Torah or Tao (23, The Law of Survival and the Law of Compassion). Buddha Dharma represents the Buddhists teachings that maintain cosmic and universal order within our world and beyond. This Dharma expressed in The New York Church of Buddhism was based off of expressing compassion to others and finding inner peace…

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  • Hinduism: The Gupta Dynasty

    The Gupta Dynasty had an advanced empire that was based on Hinduism. Hinduism is a religion that has no specified founder and the people who practice the religion believe it has always existed. Hinduism is polytheistic, meaning they worship more than one god. Three gods that Hindus worship are Vishnu, Brahma, and Shiva. These gods are responsible for the creation, sustenance, and destruction of the world. Brahma is the creator, Vishnu is in charge of the preservation, Shiva is the destructor of…

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  • Shri Krishna As The Inner Truth Of Mahabharat

    leaves because this specific truth is at variance with the eternal truth or the universal norm. Vikarna’s sudden protest highlights that no matter how much truth is sought to be suppressed but it will emerge and often from the most unexpected sources. A morally intolerable event succeeds in courageously uncovering the truth because that truth is within all of us; that truth is life’s unmitigated truth. It demands that we have to live this truth under the most unfavourable circumstances and…

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  • South Asian Art Reflection Paper

    privileged to learn about them. Dharma, is a key concept within Hinduism and other religions. With Dharmic Beliefs, there are a number of different deities (gods or goddesses). Some beliefs that follow Dharma that I personally find very intriguing are that the Gods or Goddesses can take human form, or they can change their identities if they please. Along with the human forms, there are other forms of worship, sculptures. One of the most well-known Dharmic sculptures is the Dharma Wheel, but…

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  • Submission And Action Of Religious Heroines Analysis

    As Angelika Malinar argues, Draupadi’s debate on dharma with Yudhishthira “serves to negotiate a relationship that has become problematic” as a result of their inability to conform to the roles their class status dictates to them. Malinar here points out that even at her most vocal, Draupadi argues in…

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  • What Are The Similarities Between Hinduism And Buddhism

    karma. Or vice versa. On the website (About religion) I have learned that Dharma is the overall balance of all things living. It has its place to everything, including the world. Everyone is responsible for balancing their dharma. In Dharma these areas that need to be kept balance: that they must keep promises, and stick to their religion, while also taking care of their family. If they dont, then it will affect their karma. Dharma is considered tradition, duty, and a custom, but to a Hindu it…

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